Tumi’s newest slew of trekking gear releases hikes into the spotlight with the Alpha Bravo collection. These bags have multitudinous uses and come in three rustic yet bold colours. Grey/blue and desert red designs adorn the Navigation Backpack, lacking the flamboyance of fashionable brands in favour of functionality outdoors.

A Compass Crossbody bag drops alongside a Platoon Sling bag, solely available in midnight navy/khaki and desert red respectively. Much like the Compass Crossbody, a midnight navy/ khaki Expedition Backpack releases in the collection, touting a similar vein of utility to that of the Navigation Backpack.

Inspired by Australia’s connection toits (horrifying) outdoors, the bags are constructed with ballistic material, fit to withstand the harsh punishment of the elements and being weathered inside your closet when you inevitably decide to cancel your plans in favour of solitary home entertainment.

To me, however, I think my affection shines brightest for the desert red Navigation Backpack. Admittedly, I have a fondness for the colour and favour it purely off design, but the bag’s built-in qualities elevate it to a confident and resolute selection.

Waterproof rain covers, padded adjustable backpack straps, elastic earbud pockets, 15” laptop compartments and a spacious main compartment deftly showcase Tumi’s militaristic foundations, investing into a product’s utility rather than modal value.

The bag will sit comfortably on your back, storing your valuables in a generous sanctuary reinforced with ballistic material and waterproof veneers. Permitting a slew of impedimenta and crucial items, your cherished items will be as numerous as they are safe.

Tumi, once again, brandishes its unabated advancement in the exploration industry through its scarcely paralleled designs, brimming with time-saving conveniences and versatility. In spite of the bag’s accommodation with a costly price tag, Tumi (pun intended), it’s worth it.

(Images: Tumi)

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Tumi’s Alpha Bravo Collection Makes Outdoor Exploration A Cakewalk
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