The salad bar concept is not new to Singapore. But we found one that serves healthy and tasty salads that’s not drowned in dressings or oils. And it has a healthy version of chicken rice that has made us gone back for more.

Here are seven reasons to check out Superfudo.



It’s actually healthy and tasty

No names mentioned but there are plenty of salad concepts drowned in sugar-y dressings, where the protein is tasty but oily and the actual protein to carb ratio, abysmal. Superfudo takes a different approach. They offer a range of base options (sourdough, sweet potato, spinach or brown rice). The meats are sous vide, so it’s tender and fuller in flavour while using less seasoning and no oil and never heated above 70 degrees celsius to retain more nutritional content. Also each portion of protein is vacuum packed to ensure food hygiene.

There’s plenty of variety

And it’s not just the vegetables where there’s 11 on offer. There are six meats on offer: NZ grassfed beef, NZ leg of lamb, fresh hormone-free chicken breast, fresh prawns, Norwegian salmon, and Victoria Perch, with two more proteins being added soon. 

One size does not fit all

Catering to a range of appetites, there’s the Super Balanced ($13) to Protein Rich ($19) even Petit meals (from $5) so there are options depending on how hungry you are.

The interior of Superfudo

Cheat toppings

Just because you’re having a salad doesn’t mean it has to be bland. And if you’re on a journey to eating better, it does help to throw in a bit of flavours that won’t make you stare forlornly at the people eating fried chicken.

Superfudo offers 13 different toppings with a number of tasty and slightly sinful options like meat floss, bacon bits and crispy shallots to jazz up your salads. Other less guilty toppings like Furikake seaweed, mixed seeds and the sous vide egg add a little extra flavour and texture to your box.

There’s a hot sauce bar

Because everything tastes better with a little sauce on it. Take your pick from the bar where there’s siracha, tobasco, Thai chilli, etc. to choose from. 

They have dessert

If you crave a sweet ending to your meal, they sell Island Creamy ice cream ($3). Better yet, they have two top-end bingsu machines from Korea, which create super-fine snowflake ice. The coconut water bingsu ($5) made from pure fresh coconut water is recommended. Or their matcha bingsu ($5) dusted with a generous helping of matcha powder.

And that “chicken rice”…

Not chicken rice in the traditional sense. Think of this as a healthier version of chicken rice with brown rice (or the cooked cauliflower rice). The magic is in the juicy, sous vide chicken breast that’s inspired by Hainanese steamed chicken. Made with garlic and organic sea salt, it’s full of flavour. Pour the sauce all over your base, add some chilli sauce, and you’ll understand what we mean.

15 Lorong Liput, Holland Village (opposite Tai Cheong and next to iSteak),

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