Call me carnivorous but to me, life is nothing without meat. Beef and chicken are my dietary go-tos, and fish will always have a way of swimming into my stomach. At any buffet, you will always catch me with with a large plate in hand that has been generously piled on with whatever serving of meat I could get my grimey hands on. Rice? Meh – it just fills up whatever little space left on the aforementioned plate so I don’t appear too animalistic. And I treat vegetables like garnish just to add a little dash of colour to the whole meat-loaded presentation . I’m sure a number of you could connect with this so without further ado, allow me to recommend two meat-centric dining places with fellow meat-lovers out there to consider paying a visit to when the craving hits.  

The Carvery

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With over 20 years of culinary experience under his belt, The Carvery’s Executive Chef Robert Chan places great emphasis on bringing out the best out of his top-grade premium meat offerings with simple marinades and precision in cooking time. The Carvery’s main focus is the premium roasts of beef, chicken, lamb, and pork – each simply marinated and cooked to perfection. He hopes to bring life to the culture of Sunday roasts. With Chef Robert having no qualms about throwing out any food items which do not meet his high standards, expect only the best cuts and quality of meat on your plate.

Vibe: A sleek, elegant buffet-style dining place with minimalist aesthetics. The marbled table tops and French imported custom-made designer Laguiole steak knives made the whole dining experience feel luxurious. You could enjoy the view of hotel guests frolicking in the rooftop pool, or watch the sun gloriously setting into the concrete horizon in the evening.

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Highlights: As a huge fan of beef, I’d recommend the beef prime rib. Each juicy slice of this premium roast is packed with a rich beefy punch. The simple marinade of salt and pepper complement and doesn’t overwhelm the natural beef juices. I learnt that the reason behind the cut’s robust flavours lies in how the grain-fed beef is dry-aged in house to both tenderise the meat and to intensify the flavours.

The prime rib was suggested to be consumed with the red wine jus, but the chicken jus worked just fine for me. Another item to take note of is the mashed potatoes which were simply lip smacking. I didn’t think much of it at first glance – it didn’t appetise me visually because it looked like some sort of pale paste with not much character. Boy, was I wrong.

Fluffy and light, this “pale paste with not much character” was in fact, bursting with an impressive richness that threw me off my seat. Trust me, this one is good enough on its own, and I dare say that it’s truly worth the clogged arteries. The Yorkshire pudding (available only for dinner at a limited quantity) – somewhat reminiscent of the local breakfast favourite you tiao – is also not to be missed. The crispy and slightly charred skin gave the chewy body a nice contrast of textures on the palate which went along well with the starchy-eggy flavours of the pastry. A generous drizzling of the savoury chicken jus is highly recommended with the pudding. 

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Other Offerings: Freshly baked bread and wood-fired pizza are a permanent fixture on the spread. The rotational sides that include the cauliflower gratin, soft white polenta, and Vichy carrots are among many others are tasty accompaniments to the roasts. Various salads and seafood on ice are served as starters, hot dishes like the poached salmon, various pasta and rice dishes, and desserts like the winsome apple crumble and berry trifle are also available. Like the name suggests, they are rotational, meaning that the menu will not be the same every day. Umami-packed anchovy butter, and deliciously pungent truffle butter – both made in-house – are great complements to the roasts, and are available only during dinner.

Lunch (12pm – 3pm) $38 ++
Dinner (6pm – 10pm) $52++ (Sunday – Thursday) and $62++ (Friday & Saturday)

Park Hotel Alexandra, Level 7, 323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972, Tel: 6828 8888

Carne & Caipirinha

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Carne & Caipirinha (Kar-Nay and Kai-Pee-Reen-Ya) has Chef Britto who’s been in the churrasco (coal-heated barbecued meat) business for a good 36 years heading the smoke-scented kitchen. The meat-heavy Brazilian restaurant is the only restaurant in Singapore to use charcoal fire to roast the premium-quality meat to perfection. Inspired by the gauchos (Portuguese for cowboys) of Rio Grande do Sul, Chef Britto hopes to bring the fun-loving culture of the Brazilians to the table.

Vibe:  The churrascaria (restaurant specializing in churrasco) sits among a line of restaurants in the quaint little neighbourhood of Sunset Way. The 74-seater Brazilian restaurant is set to promote a fun dining experience in an alfresco setting. Laidback and unpretentious, Carne & Caipirinha is great for social gatherings or catch up sessions with good friends on a Saturday evening.

Highlights: What stood out for me among the barbecued meaty mania was the beef hump (Cupim) – a rare indulgence coming from the humped Brazilian cattle known as zebu. The beef was more on the stringy side, but it was packed with flavour and a little bit of sweetness from the fats gave the meat an interesting twist to the palate. Concentrated with the taste of the ocean, the tender pieces of grilled Escolar fish was also pretty good. The strong fishy taste may not suit everyone’s palate, but because I appreciated the unapologetically unadulterated flavour of the fish, this was a thumbs up for me.

Because of the fish’s high fat content, only a limited amount of the fish is allowed to be served per customer to avoid any acute health issues. The grilled pineapple was a charming delight which I could not turn a blind eye to. The heat from the grille intensified the pineapple’s natural sweetness, probably due to the caramelising of the fruit’s natural sugars. Simple, but so good.

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Other Offerings: The buffet line include the usual salads and fresh greens, various pasta (look out for the beef lasagne), sautéed mushrooms (look out for this too), and various rice and sautéed vegetables.

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Happy Hour: (5:30pm – 7pm) Mondays – Saturdays, (5pm – 6pm) Sundays & PH           $39.90 for adults, $18 for children (between 5 – 10 years old)

Regular Hours: (7pm – 11pm) Mondays – Saturdays, (6pm – 11pm) Sundays & PH       $49.90 for adults, $24 for children (between 5-10 years old)

Free for children below 5 years old. 

Address: Blk 106, Sunset Way, Clementi Street 12, #01-50, Singapore 120106, Tel: 6464 0478

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