Absolut Elyx Helps Save The Earth-am_il_v1001_i_d9650f6bbf75984f2aab14e68714e6d209_e4c468d39fd98c5a4895e6a7e2f4039e58

Ah, vodka. For something you usually get sloshed on, paying a premium seems a tad silly. But in a world of expensive vodka built on exclusivity, Absolut Elyx makes good vodka accessible. Always going against the grain, it plays more focus on fun, hospitality and integrity. 

Every drop of Elyx comes from winter wheat grown on a single estate in Ahus, Sweden, and is manually distilled through a 1921 copper retification still also known as Column 51. This still is entirely copper, and not any Tom, Dick or Harry gets to have fun with it. Obviously, you got to know your stuff.

It is why Elyx stands out silky smooth. The vodka is thoroughly purified, as the copper naturally catalyses traces of unwanted compounds in the spirit. Made from single estate wheat, the way Elyx is made isn’t new, but a result of a century-old expertise, passed down from generations of Swedish vodka-distillers.   

Absolut Elyx Helps Save The Earth-am_il_v1001_i_223c2b4effcef86769249598305dfa8719_3c32ef30af509e39c657bb338789d56c01

There is however, more to Elyx than great vodka. A saviour of sorts, Absolut has created the Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality, a copper drinking vessel that comes with a good cause. In a world where 1.8 billion people suffer from lack of clean water, every Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality sold in the United States will help Water for People provide one month’s worth of potable water (560 litres) to someone in need. Every regular Elyx bottle sold will in turn provide a week’s worth (140 litres).

More information can be found at absolut.com

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