The Lunar New Year is a joyous time meant to be spent with family, but like all festive occasions it can get a little overwhelming, especially with lecturing uncles and prying aunts abound. If you’d rather have an intimate dinner with your significant other, here are a couple of alternatives you may want to check out:

Dinner at CÉ LA VI

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From 28 January to 12 February, CÉ LA VI will be presenting its Modern Asian Lunar New Year Menu (minimum of 2 diners). Executive Chef Frederic Faucheux has meticulously created a festive menu that puts a modern spin on Asian Classics. For example, instead of using traditional golden crackers in the Yu Sheng Salad (pictured at the top of this page), Chef has opted to go with crispy fried lotus root chips instead. Chef Frederic’s use of plum powder and calamansi to season the Spring Chicken (pictured above) is yet another example of his innovation.

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Pastry Chef Arian Jimenez rounds the feast up perfectly with her Orange and Sesame Dàn Gāo, a delightful little orange-shaped dessert featuring Cointreau diplomat cream in the middle set on a base of chocolate sesame sablé. Wrap your night up with a couple of drinks at the outdoor bar as and your date soak in the magnificent view.

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Private Hot Pot session with shabu-shabu from Ryan’s Grocery

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On the other hand, if you’d rather not leave the comfort of your home, we suggest having an intimate Hot Pot session with your significant other. After all, it doesn’t require much skill so you won’t have to fear being nagged at for not chopping the onions the right way. Furthermore, Ryan’s Grocery offers free-range shabu-shabu meats and organic seafood that are absolutely mouth-watering. Some premium cuts that are available for order include: 

Black Angus Beef Shabu Shabu – $9.60/ 200g

Beef Wagyu Shabu Shabu – $19.60/ 200g

Pork Collar Shabu Shabu – $9.60/ 200g

Kurobuta USA Pork Belly Shabu Shabu – $19.60/ 200g

Ryan’s Gluten-Free Pork Water Chestnut Meat Ball Platter – $9.90 (12 pieces)

Ryan’s Gluten-Free Chicken Meat Ball Platter – $9.90 (12 pieces)

Organic Black Tiger Prawns Tail on – $28 per pack

As far as broths go, you can do a simple chicken broth by boiling leftover bones and skin from a raw chicken carcass, celery, onions, carrots, and parsley. If you’d rather not go through the hassle of making your own, Ryan’s Grocery offers a range of ready-made broths that are both delicious and healthy.

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The grocery also offers a wide range of gluten-free condiments that will go perfectly with the shabu-shabu. Orders placed before 28th January will receive a 10% discount, with free delivery for every purchase of $150 and above.

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