What makes a convivial moment special? For some (especially today) it might be when you catch a Dragonite on the street and get to brag about it to the detriment of your friends. But for most of us, a good day or night spent out, is with the right company, at the right place, having a blast with some good drinks around. We caught up with three AUGUSTMAN A-Listers: John Paul Chen, Siva Shanker and Yogev Vardi, and found out how and with who they like to hang out with. 

Chen, who works in a cool startup, Saltycustoms, explained that his interest in whisky also stems from a habit of scouting around for interesting bars when travelling with his wife. Some of his favourite spots include Iron Fairies and Maggie Choo’s in Bangkok, both of which are eclectic and have a habit of serving up classic cocktails like whisky old-fashioneds with a bit of a local twist. 

Shanker, who works with Nike, finds that the company and a good drink that can keep you going throughout the evening are the two elements that really make a night memorable. He relates how his best evenings are spent at someone’s home, just indulging in a good drink and having a bit of a laugh. Nevertheless, with a view like Aura‘s where one can see the full expanse of the Singapore skyline, we’re sure it’s just as enjoyable as home. 

Vardi, whose family is mostly back home, spends a good amount of his time at work with his colleagues and has built up a good friendship with almost all of them that he also spends time off-work with them. He treats his staff like family, regularly hosting hangouts. As he explains, many of them are also expatriates and the company is like a foster family. 

Auchentoshan kindly hosted the three guys at the coolest spots around town: Sum Yi Tai, Black Nut and Aura, where we caught them enjoying the Lowland tipple with friends and family. The whisky is best known for its triple distillation and striking flavours as well as a willingness to experiment with whisky maturation. That takes plenty of courage since whisky takes years to age and therefore becomes a hefty cost on one’s resources. 

Check out the video of the three gents and if you’re interested in Auchentoshan’s range of whiskies, check them out at the above spots. 

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Auchentoshan × The AUGUSTMAN A-LIST – Time to Celebrate
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