Since the day it opened in 1881, nothing in Bruichladdich’s Whisky production mechanism has changed. The Islay distillery has a long history of trying out new and experimental Whiskeys, and this time around it is no different. In the years 1984, 1985 and 1986, three casks of Whisky were created, each with an individual touch of originality. Now, more than 3o years later, these Whiskeys could be yours. Although exciting, there is something melancholic about a one in a kind Whisky leaving its warehouse, never to be recreated again. As Bruichladdich’s head distiller says, “These whiskeys, when tasted, leave me speechless. They are in their prime, the last of their kind and can never be repeated, never recreated. Nothing quite like them will ever be seen again.” So before we get too sad, here is a break down of each one from their new exclusive release:

1984 Bourbon: All In

The Bourbon: All In is powerful and holds a lot of depth while maintaining some fruity undertones. After the majority of its lifespan, in 2008, the head-distiller re-casked the malt into fresh bourbon to finish its journey with a twist. 32 years later and it is still a bit salty and creamy with some hints of vanilla. With an old-school flavor, this one definitely encompasses the dynamic spirits of Bruichladdich. With only 3000 bottles available, this is the rarest of the series.

1985 Bourbon: Hidden Glory


Until 2012, this Whiskey remained untouched in Bourbon casks. Then, it was re-casked into fresh bourbon to bring it back to life. Once re-invigorated, it was finished in a premium French oak that held an exquisite Claret. The result is an interesting combination of dryness when first sipped until gentle fruit tones come in after. The red wine has left a mark on the flavor that is unforgettable. There is a sweet aroma of coconut, banana, and vanilla. When tasted, the soft and syrupy texture is undeniably satisfying. Although three months in Oak may seem like little, the impact on the Whisky is incredible.

1986 Sherry: The Magnificent Seven

This one is named Sherry: The Magnificent Seven because it comes from seven casks distilled in 1986. Usually, sherry is only used for a small period of time to ensure its flavors don’t become too overpowering. However, these seven casks have been in sherry for most of their life. In 2012, at their ripe age of 26, the then distiller re-casked the malt into butts from winemaker Jan Pettersen at Bodega Fernando De Castilla. This one is fruity, spicy and dry all at the same time. A hint of smoke closes the palette. Truly a one of a kind Whisky.

All Bruichladdich whiskeys are non-chill filtered and caramel coloring free.

The Bruichladdich Rare Cask Series is now available in Singapore for S$1,599 nett per bottle and S$150++ per flight. Available at La Maison du Whisky, 80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-10, 239013

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