Life must go on, no matter how challenging. Naturally, it is from food that we draw life. But as we all know, food also brings comfort, joy and togetherness. Which is why we are grateful to F&B operators for always offering creative ways to put food on our tables. Stay in or eat out, here are some dining updates.


Dining Updates: New Menus at The Butcher's Wife
Sweet Potato Gnocchi ($22) swaps potato starch and wheat flour for antioxidant-rich sweet potato and buckwheat flour, resulting in lighter purple pillows with a earthy sweetness.
flirting with the Butcher’s wife

The Butcher’s Wife has been this Red Dot’s gluten-free haven since opening in 2018. While this may not mean  much if you don’t suffer gluten intolerance, its new chef Mariana Campos D’Almeida means to win you over. The Paris-trained Brazilian chef is launching two new menus featuring dishes that are totally gut-friendly.

And does she deliver flavour bombs from the get go, with snacks like Mini Corn on Fire ($10). We love this dish of local baby corn with grated pecorino, smoked paprika and fermented black garlic aioli. You also have to try the Dadinhos de Sago ($11) offering deep-fried tapioca granules jammed with salted cheese. Chef D’Almeida makes it even more relatable (and instagrammable) with a striking red dragonfruit chutney dip. It gets better and better through the courses. And we mean right up to the Warm Chocolate Cake ($14) finale, filled with molten Ecuadorian chocolate, and served with buttery pili nuts on its in-house caramel miso ice cream.

Prior to joining The Butcher’s Wife, chef D’Almeida dabbled in all kinds of fermentation wizardry at The Slow Bakery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where global breads are famously built by natural fermentation and everything is made from scratch.

“Fermentation and gluten-free diets are intrinsically linked. It’s the process that breaks up the gluten in sourdough, turns grape fructose into wine, and the lactose found in milk into cheese. But most importantly, they’re both great for the gut,” she shared.

19 Yong Siak Street, tel. 6221 9307. To never miss a dining update with chef D’Almeida, see here.


Dining Updates: Revamp x China Whampoa Home Made Noodle
Now serving: wholesome ban mian before your favourite cocktails
time for revamp

If you’re in the Tanjong Pagar area, drop by at Revamp Cocktail Bar. It’s a cheeky, friendly space that’s perfect for winding down after a day’s work. Best of all, here is where you’ll find some of the finest cocktails created by Diageo World Class 2016 Singapore winner Boo Jing Heng.

There is even more reason to visit now, because  you are going to experience a brand new marriage between the cocktail and hawker scenes. In its latest dining update, Revamp announced it is working with China Whampoa Home Made Noodle to bring the latter’s delicious, hot bowlfuls into the bar.
The idea behind the new collaboration with the popular hawker ban mian stall is to allow guests enjoy satisfying pre-drinks meals by China Whampoa in the cosy restaurant and bar setting.

Don’t worry though, the prices aren’t inflated. In fact, quite the opposite, you’ll be enjoying even more service, like getting jumbo prawns peeled for you, or a complimentary bowl of crispy fried fish skin with certain premium dishes. Do note that Revamp’s happy hours are from 5pm to 7pm daily.

61 Tanjong Pagar Road. For its wine list or menu of decadent cocktails, see here.


Bao culture at Ce La Vi
Bao culture at Ce La Vi: Crispy on the outside, juicy and flavourful inside
hot stuffed buns

CÉ LA VI SkyBar has announced a casual dining update on its premises. Guests can now enjoy juicy Bao burgers against a panoramic view of the city skyline. The Bao burgers offer a tantalising fusion between Asian bao and conventional burgers, inspired by the fluffy bao popular in Taiwan, Japan and China. The inhouse-made buns are steamed up fresh with every order, then seared on a hot cast iron pan on one side. This ensures a crispy, caramelised interior while maintaining the soft, pillowy Bao exterior.

The menu draws inspiration from flavours across Asia, featuring seven tantalising Bao combinations loaded up with sustainably-sourced ingredients. It’s best washed down with a beer, or cocktail. In fact, or why not both?

See here for CE LA VI events and dining updates.


Blue Jasmine x Chalk Farm
Your free treat: Chalk Farm’s pulut hitam chiffon cake
blue jasmine x chalk farm

This is one dining update that will bring an even wider smile to your face. Not only does Thai restaurant Blue Jasmine want you to eat cake, it makes sure you get the very best. Which is why from now through December 2020, diners will receive a whole Chalk Farm cake as a gift when they, er, chalk up a minimum spend at its e-store.

The free gateaux complement the robust Thai flavours. These include Chalk Farm’s best sellers such as Pulut Hitam, Gula Melaka Chiffon, Salted Caramel Macadamia, and Dark Chocholate Chiffon.
Order your orders here.


Da Paolo has feed Singaporeans for 30 years
New brands by Da Paolo give its fans more opportunities to enjoy great food
Da Bao, LoR

We can dine at restaurants now, even if only in small groups. This is facilitated with great care to reduce the risk of COVID-19. While we’re thrilled to be able to go out to restaurants again, some of us have got used to staying-in for meals. In fact, the dine at home scene has become more interesting, thanks to creative efforts from the food industry.

A dining stalwart in Singapore, Da Paolo has launched two new brands: Panini Italiani by Da Paolo and Da Paolo Pasta Bar. It is also  expanding its reach for Da Paola Pizza Bar. They all offer fresh new dine-in, takeaway and delivery options.

It’s almost surreal to realise that Da Paolo has been feeding folks here for 30 years. It’s good to know that the brand is poised to offer great culinary experiences, even in our own homes.
Enjoy 20% off the bill through September 2020 when you order Da Paolo via Deliveroo


Dining Updates: Potato Head x Green Monday
Three Buns x Green Monday expands the case – and flavours – for plant-based foods
Sustainable Temptations

Potato Head Family’s award-winning hamburger and cocktail brand Three Buns Quayside announced this dining update. It is refreshing its sustainable menu with a new collection of plant-based dishes by Chef Adam Penney.

In partnership with Asia’s plant-based food pioneers Green Monday, the restaurant has grown the now permanent sustainable menu, first launched during Earth Month in April, to offer unique dishes made with meat alternatives from OmniMeat, Beyond Meat, Gardein and Alpha Foods.

Fans of the brands can look forward to creations such as the Omni Wan Kenobi Cheeseburger, a mouth-watering burger with premium ingredients like double smoked cheddar, pickles, bawang goreng and a seared OmniMeat patty, as well as Beyond the Dog, a Beyond Bratwurst paired with shiitake mushroom and dashi mayo in a toasted butter bun.
The menu is available for dine-in or takeaway at Potato Head and Three Buns Quayside, and delivery via delivery partners Deliveroo, Oddle and GrabFood from 14 September.

Check out the menu here and here.


If you would like to try your hand at making breads, get expert tips here.


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