We have heard of sustainable fashion and beauty, but food? It might be a first in Singapore. While the term sustainable food may seem peculiar to some, Good Meat, a brand from Eat Just applies science and technology to create safe, healthy and ethically made food.

Avoiding Animal Slaughtering At All Cost

“We begin by sourcing a small amount of animal cells from high-quality poultry or livestock. We then feed those cells nutrients, the same types of nutrients that animals need to grow and multiply. These nutrients grow the cells into meat,” Good Meat stated on its website.

“Instead of growing the entire animal, we grow just what is typically consumed (the edible portion). This means that we use fewer resources to grow the meat and we can be more efficient, completing growth in weeks rather than months or years. Then, the harvested product can be used by chefs in multiple final formats, from less structured crispy chicken bites, savoury chorizo and sausages, to more textured products such as grilled chicken breasts.”

Lab-Grown Protein Meals

Partnering with Asia’s leading food and grocery delivery platform, Foodpanda, Eat Just aims to bring cultured meat to greater heights and exposure. From now to 6 May, three Good Meat cultured chicken dishes prepared by the culinary team at Singapore social club 1880 will be available to Foodpanda users. Customers will need to apply the voucher code “GOODMEAT” upon checkout to place a successful order.

The collaboration perpetuates the notion of sustainability with its packaging. Each order comes in an eco-friendly box made from sustainable bamboo fibre and resins, mitigating environmental impact. Customers will also enjoy a 360-degree immersive film through the complimentary Google cardboard headset included in every order. The 2D moving picture connects the delivery of Good Meat to the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet’s wild spaces.

Google Cardboard Headset

The partnership blazes a trail for the future of food sustainability by introducing a first taste of this revolutionary and sustainable product. Those who yearn for more variations would be pleased with the two companies’ plans to offer new dishes in the months to come.

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