Since his debut album Doggystyle back in 1994, Snoop Dogg said he was keeping his mind on his money — but in recent years, the platinum rapper has been thinking more outside of the box to build his financial empire. Beyond his much-publicised partnership with Martha Stewart, Tha Doggfather has recently released his own Indoggo Gin, worked with 19 Crimes on a Snoop Cali Red wine, and even teamed up with Dunkin’ to promote a meatless “D-O-Double G” breakfast sandwich.

So what’s next on his business agenda? Well, selling hot “doggs”… potentially.

Snoop Dogg to venture into Hot Dogs

Last month, lawyers for the Long Beach icon filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark on the phrase “Snoop Doggs,” according to Billboard which acquired the paperwork. The application states Snoop is interested in using the term to market “food for consumption on or off the premises including hot dogs, hot dog sausages, sausages, turkey sausages, vegetarian sausages.”

Snoop Dogg
Credit: The BlackRabbit/Unsplash

Of course, simply filing for a trademark leaves a lot up in the air since few details about the actual product are included — and the use of “on or off the premises” keeps things even more wide open. The intention could be to sell these hot dogs in stores, offer them at other food outlets, or possibly launch a Snoop Doggs chain of family-friendly hot dog stands (though, since the filling doesn’t specifically mention using the term for a restaurant, that last option would seem less likely).

Or, as Billboard points out, Snoop Doggs may just be a work in progress that never comes to fruition at all. The music publication writes that, in 2011, Snoop’s team filed similar paperwork for “Snoop Scoops” but the proposed ice cream brand never came to fruition.

Still, in an era where celebrities like Guy Fieri can rollout ghost kitchens nationwide with little advance notice, who knows? We may all have the chance to grab Snoop Doggs via delivery by grilling season!

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