Fans of Denzy Gelato are in for a treat, literally. Founders of the homegrown award-winning gelato shop Damien and Hao Zhen are expanding their horizons by foraying into the craft of pastry-making with the launch of sister brand Shio Patisserie

Many believe that the best conversations happen late at night; the backstory of Shio Patisseries can be a testament. As dessert connoisseurs and entrepreneurs, the duo is constantly thinking of ways to satiate the sweet tooth of others. The notion of expanding Denzy’s dessert offerings beyond gelato and venturing into the world of pastry quickly sprung to mind during a late-night discussion with Denzy’s R&D Head and now, Shio Patisserie’s Pastry Chef Sherlynn Teo. With years of experience at various Michelin Star restaurants, we can only expect top-notch pastries from the sedulous chef. 

Earl Grey Pecan Tart

Earl Grey is undoubtedly one of the most recognised flavoured teas in the world. Think of this Earl Grey Pecan Tart as a pastry version of the iconic drink. It boasts an almond sponge base that has just the right amount of sweetness. The palatableness is further elevated by toasted notes of the slightly salted pecan butter filling and fragrant earl grey cream. 

Cheese Brulee Tart

A cult-favourite, this Cheese Brulee Tart reimagines the classic Creme Brulee. While the latter is undeniably toothsome on its own, what takes this iteration to the new level is the citrus lemon sponge filled with cream cheese and mascarpone. The amalgamation of flavours sees the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. One can relish the dessert and elevate their gastronomical experience with tea or coffee. 

Lime Basil Tart

The Lime Basil Tart is for those with exquisite taste. While the combination of lime and basil may seem strange and newfangled, this pastry proves that eccentricity could sometimes be a good thing. The well-balanced curt filling infused with basil works hand in hand with the refreshing lime sponge base, as the smooth top layer of white chocolate cream counters the sourness with sweetness and decadence.

Mont Blanc Tart

Just like luxury goods manufacturer Mont Blanc, this tart is classic and ever-so luxurious. It has a mellow tinge of chestnut cream that complements the rum sponge and tart cassic coulis; the outstanding flavours make this pastry a must-try for all. 

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tart

With just the first bite, the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tart can elicit a smile from you. The dessert employs a rich, velvety chocolate ganache that oozes sweetness and bitterness at the same time. What takes centre stage, however, is the slight sprinkle of Maldon salt. It proffers a satisfying crunch while enhancing the tart with a unique crisp, savoury finish. 

(Images: Shio Patisserie)

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