The long street at Holland Village took me through swanky bars and bustling cafes before I ended up at the doors of Takeshi-San. Its unpretentious and classy interior was a welcoming juxtaposition to the hustle just outside.

Giant Sakura flowers line the ceiling, a gentle contrast to the stark neon sign above the bar. Albeit small, the restaurant spreads across two storeys with bar seating on the second floor.

Their menu is extensive but revolves around simple Japanese cuisine done right. The latest addition to their menu is the Truffly Uni-mazing Main Course that starts from S$38. The mains include the A5 Wagyu-licious Portobello Truffle Steak (S$48), Foie Gras, Uni and Truffle Steak (S$78) as well as a seafood option with the Big Prawn and Truffle Cheese Steak (S$38).

Curious to see how well-balanced the dish was, I opted for the Foie Gras, Uni and Truffle Steak. After all, three rich elements on a dish can’t bode well for anyone, right? Wrong.


Generous helpings of foie gras, fresh helpings of bright orange uni, all smothered in a rich sauce greeted me upon service. The bright wasabi sauce was the star of the dish; cutting through each sweet and indulgent bite.

Coming from someone who dislikes wasabi because of its sharp and powerful kick, I wanted to bottle the sauce up for all my future Japanese meals.


The A5 Wagyu-licious steak-although cut into bite sized cubes- was perfectly medium rare. The side vegetables were treated with care, still retaining a good crunch.


Next, I was introduced to Takeshi-San’s new Kaidan set. I had the Imperial Kaiden Set (S$32). There was quite a selection to choose from with prices ranging from S$26 to S$48. The Kaiden Set is quite a conversation starter. It arrives on a miniature wooden stair platform showcasing the individual pieces in all their glory.

The Hotate Nigiri was made from a luscious scallop, unconventionally cut into the shape of a Samurai hat. The freshness of the scallop and balance of the fluffy sushi rice was a delicious mouthful.


Making my way up the ‘sushi stairs’, I tucked into the Aburi Foie Gras, which completely melted away in my mouth. I have to say the star of the Kaidan set would have to be this. Personally, I would have preferred the Aburi Beef sushi to have a harder sear, which would have added a textural element to the sushi itself.

Takeshi-San also offers desserts for only S$12. Choose from a unique Cheesecake Tempura on Blueberry Jelly, or a selection to share with Garden by the Mini Tarts. Finally, The Perfect Parfait would be the ideal choice for a light end to a meal.

The ambience of Takeshi-San is enough to bring anyone to a place of zen. Couple that with their respectfully made sushi creations and indulgent mains, it’s a place that could satisfy anyone.


(Images Takeshi-San)

written by.
Alfieyah Abdullah
Alfieyah Abdullah has two vices. Her 30 bottle (and counting) collection of fragrances and an intense view on desserts.

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