Now that you can get your hands on the limited edition UMUTIMA wa Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas capsules, it’s time to have a little fun with it. Instead of having a regular shot of espresso (not that there’s anything wrong with that), we urge you to find your inner barista and try your hand at concocting one of these recipes courtesy of Nespresso. Good luck!

Lemongrass Viennois

DIY: Fancy Nespresso Creations-am_il_v1001_i_f966400798eec98c0ef8c252da23ed1788_457b0d6ce34777829ba668224ede068751


1 capsule of UMUTIMA wa Kivu

1 tea spoon of ginger marmalade

Whipped cream (0.5l), mixed with 2.5 cl of lemongrass syrup

Fresh lemongrass for garnish

 Materials required:

1 Lungo cup

1 tea spoon

Siphon (0.5l)

2 gas capsules


To prepare your lemongrass flavoured whipped cream, pour 2.5cl of lemongrass syrup and 0.5l of whipped cream into a siphon. Close the siphon well and incorporate 2 gas capsules. This amount will be enough for several servings.

Put 1 tea spoon of ginger marmalade into the Lungo cup.

Pour 40 ml of UMUTIMA wa Kivu over the marmalade in the cup. 

Add the lemongrass flavoured whipped cream on the coffee and garnish with some fresh lemongrass. 

Coriander Long Drink

DIY: Fancy Nespresso Creations-am_il_v1001_i_906d4a192dbeb019d5458f3e1555209436_cdcd8c021fc81a108d63ae936077530a06


1 capsule of UMUTIMA wa Kivu

8cl of pineapple juice

1.5cl of lime juice

2cl of sugar syrup

A few sprigs of fresh coriander

Crushed Ice to fill the glass

Ice cubes to cool the coffee

Materials Required:

1 tall glass

1 tea spoon



Place 1.5cl of lime juice, 8cl of pineapple juice, 2cl of sugar syrup, 5 leaves of fresh coriander and about 6-7 ice cubes into a shaker and shake well.

Fill the tall glass (preferably chilled) with some crushed ice and pour the mixture in.

Extract 40ml of UMUTIMA wa Kivu and shake it well with about 4 ice cubes. Use a teaspoon to gently add the coffee to the mixture, achieving the effect shown in the picture above. 

Garnish with the remaining coriander leaves.

Popcorn Cappuccino

DIY: Fancy Nespresso Creations-am_il_v1001_i_d82eaa6bf068e7fbd5574df08c739ce059_6eb50daa7a8e027696c75b4e85ef8fdd62


1 capsule of TANIM de Chiapas

1cl of Tonka beans syrup

60ml of fresh cold milk

Sweet popcorn for garnish

Materials Required

1 Cappuccino cup

1 table spoon

Nespresso Aeroccino


Pour 1cl of Tonka beans syrup into a milk pot.

Prepare milk foam using Nespresso Aeroccino.

Once the milk foam is ready, pour it into the milk pot and mix it with the Tonka beans Syrup.

Add 40 ml of TANIM de Chiapas into the Cappuccino cup and gently pour the milk and eventually foam over it.

Garnish with some sweet popcorn

Caffè Margarita

DIY: Fancy Nespresso Creations-am_il_v1001_i_f9468af365704777b1fca831efceed5a97_40df6ceaeba07ad9702c762ccc38c6b358


1 capsule of TANIM de Chiapas

2cl of agave syrup

4cl of fresh lime juice

Crushed ice

Ice cubes

Lime zest ofr garnish

Salt to rim the glass

Materials Required

1 tall Margarita glass

1 table spoon



Add the juice from 1 fresh lime, 2cl of agave syrup and some ice cubes to a shaker and shake well.

Rim the glass (preferably chilled) with some salt and fill it with 2 table spoons of crushed ice.

Pour the mixture into the glass.

Add 40 ml of TANIM de Chiapas and some ice cubes to a shaker and shake well. Once the coffee is cold, gently pour it onto the mixture in the glass to achieve the effect shown in the picture above.

Garnish with some lime zest.

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