The world of gin welcomes a new addition, thanks to luxury hotel chain, The Hari.

Yes, the hotel brand has just launched its own brand of gin, which will also serve as a base for several cocktails at the Hong Kong property.  For those of you thinking it’s just another clever hotel branding exercise, be duly informed that The Hari Gin has won silver for World’s Best Contemporary Style at the renowned World Gin Awards 2022.

According to the description, The Hari Gin is a spiced, aromatic take on the traditional London Dry.

A Passion For Quality Gin And Cocktails

The Hari Gin

Combining the warming spices of cardamom, cassia bark, star anise and cloves, The Hari Gin encapsulates the Indian heritage of the Harilela family. It also embodies the passion by CEO and Chairman, Dr Aron Harilela’s late father, Dr. Hari Harilela, for a classic gin Martini.

Those eager to savour the gin can purchase a bottle at The Hari Hong Kong. A 70cl bottle retails for HK$888 (S$154) and is an ideal gift for gin lovers who fancy a little adventure. In addition to that, The Hari Gin will also be the base for several cocktails at the hotel.

This includes the Sprezzatura, which is served at Lucciola Restaurant & Bar within the hotel.

Sprezzatura Martini

More of a concept than a word, it was created in the 16th century by Baldassare Castiglione in his work The Book of Courtier. It means a kind of effortless elegance. To be truly sprezzatura, you should make sure you never look like you are trying too hard.

This cocktails sees the house’s gin combined with apple, lime, sugar syrup, and tabasco and served in a Riedel Sour Glass, garnished with a metal cocktail pick and a blue cheese stuffed olive.

Blaue Blume Cocktail

There’s also the Blaue Blume – served at Zoku Restaurant & The Terrace. The Blue Flower, a central symbol of inspiration for the Romanticism movement, remains an enduring motif in Western art today. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. It symbolises hope and the beauty of things.

With this concept in mind, the gin is mixed with Yuzu, peach puree, honey, cider, and lime. Served in a Flute Champagne Glass, it arrives garnished with blue flowers. Both cocktails are priced at HK$108 (S$19).

(Images: The Hari)

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5-Star Luxury Hotel The Hari Now Has Its Own Gin
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