April Fool’s is long over, so we can’t chalk this up to just a mere prank from Coca-Cola.

Believe it or not, the soda giant is introducing a new flavour, which is inspired by the digital world. Cherry, vanilla, orange, even apple… Coca-Cola has provided its fans with a wide variety of flavours over the years, but the one that is about to hit the shelves is most unusual. It’s called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte and its coming straight from the virtual world to our shelves.

Yes, Coca-Cola has decided to bring into our world a drink that the brand had originally created for the video game “Fortnite.”  Revealed by CNN, the flavour does not refer to any particular ingredient, but rather to a rather abstract element, particularly in the world of food: the pixel.

From Virtual To Reality

Beyond the communication coup that this move represents for the American giant, the announcement of this launch indicates how much everything that comes from the virtual world is trending. Just recently, Heineken introduced a virtual beer exclusively for the Metaverse.

Initially, this drink was created to be part of the game “Fortnite” and was named after an unseen island, Pixel Point. In the real world, the soda maker has christened its new flavour as “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte.” If the flavour seems vague and hard to identify, we do know that the drink is one of the brand’s sugar-free offerings, according to the animation posted on the brand’s Twitter account.

For Coca-Cola it’s not just a publicity stunt. In fact, the brand is capitalizing on a new futuristic vision of its iconic soda by focusing on worlds that encourage the imagination. Last February, Coca Cola announced the release of a drink with “a taste of space.” Called Starlight, this flavour has first rolled out in a limited edition in North America, just like Byte. Of course, it has been perfectly packaged in a can with all the space vibes, stars, and flashy colours.

(Main and featured image: Coca Cola/Twitter)

This story was published via AFP

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