Sorry to break it to you, but booze is a caloric bomb. Every Friday night out spent at a liquid buffet would entail a very, very long time at the gym the next morning (if you can crawl out of bed, that is). Alcohol is pretty much all carbohydrates, and there is a reason why beer gut is a thing many people struggle to combat. However, this doesn’t mean you should eschew your favourite drink in favour of a trim bod. You can have the best of both worlds by making smarter choices about what you’re letting slip by those lips by ordering alcohol options that are lower in calories.

Before you start double-fisting orders of what we’ve listed, know that low calorie doesn’t mean no calories. We would also like to advise that everything in moderation, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise is the ticket to looking and feeling your best. Still, cheers to these drinks for being kinder on the waistline than most.

low calorie alcohol
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Italy’s sparkling wine comes out to a pretty low caloric dosage, with just 80 cals per five ounce pour. This makes prosecco just a touch friendlier than champagne, which clocks in at 96 cals for the same amount. There’s your reason to reach for bubbly over regular wine the next time.

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Yes, vodka isn’t the most popular spirit there is to drink unadorned, but that bad reputation is only fuelled by the plague of bad vodka being served at bars. Good vodka, especially those from craft labels, are becoming more accessible these days. Plus, the fact that a shot dressed with soda clocks in at just 60 cals might just incentivise you to give it a second chance. You’d be hard-pressed to find a drink skinnier than this one!

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Winos, rejoice. Wine actually falls on the lower end of the calorie spectrum, clocking in at an average of 120 calories per five ounce pour for whites, and 125 calories for reds. Given that every bottle fills about six glasses, having half of it to yourself doesn’t clock in nearly as much damage to your body as a McSpicy. Then again, few things do.

low calorie alcohol
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James Bond knew what he was getting into when he immortalised the “shaken, not stirred” martini for generations to come. Not only does this simple, three-ingredient cocktail exude the fact that you enjoy grown-up flavours and aren’t a total pleb when it comes to ordering alcohol, it is also relatively low on the calorie and carbohydrate front if you order it dry. It’s only 127 calories if you halve the amount of vermouth used, which is the main carrier of sugars in the cocktail.

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Beatrice Bowers is the drinks and beauty writer for Lifestyle Asia Singapore, and a regular contributor to August Man.

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