Made for mixing, Monkey Shoulder is a blended malt whisky born to challenge conventions and so, it’s with some cheekiness that these unconventional times are greeted with an equally unconventional response: Zoomtails. Proving why it’s the master malt whisky mixer, Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails are the perfect panacea for the daily grind of Zoom meetings.

Small batches of different Speyside single malts expertly blended and then married together, Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails are simply Monkey Shoulder at its best.

Delicious Cocktails In A Can

Tired of all the circling back? Had it with all the screen-sharing snafus? The richness and vibrancy of fruity aromas and vanilla notes are mixed with profiles both exotic and commonplace: sarsaparilla, spice, soursop, raspberry, tropical fruits and even ice cream soda.

These Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails can potentually turn those life-sapping meetings into something pleasant and worth savouring. Instead of letting the grind get you down, get yourself a box of four delicious drink-from-home cocktails inspired by the bane of our Covid pandemic existence: conference calls.

Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails

Is Everyone Here?

Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Sarsaparilla, Spice

The Best Practice

Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Soursop, Raspberry

Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails fruit

The Low-Hanging Fruit

Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Tropical Fruits, Ice Cream Soda

Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails mute

You’re On Mute

Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Italian Bitters, Red Fruit Tea

From 16 August to 4 October. A playful ode to relatable Zoom jargon and tired phrases , “You’re on mute”, to “Is everyone here,” the pre-mixed Zoomtail cans are packaged in special SOS boxes, and delivered ice-cold to your door. These limited edition Zoomtails are available to order here.

There’s also a social media giveaway @monkeyshouldersea where readers can win a free set from 2 -18 August.

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