Nespresso Singapore recently launched three new espressos under its World Explorations series — Rio de Janeiro Espresso, Paris Espresso, and Istanbul Espresso. The series was curated with coffee lovers in mind, giving them a chance to experience various pioneering coffee cultures across the globe from the comforts of their home — each flavour a representation of the chosen iconic cities. 

The pandemic has successfully restricted our travels; For the past two years, due to the travel restrictions I have yet to visit my home in Indonesia. Alas, I am forced to be content with daily text messages and occasional video calls with my parents, instead of enjoying a meal with them once every couple of months. I found in the newest World Exploration series, a way to reconnect with my father, the man who first introduced me to the wonders of coffee. 

Sending him several capsules of the series, we both embarked on ‘coffee dates’: each brewing the same flavoured capsules and chatting — just as we would usually, and though there was a screen separating us, Nespresso brought us together. 

a cup of coffee from Nespresso Istanbul Espresso coffee pod

First Sip in the Morning

We began our coffee dates with the Istanbul Espresso. His, paired with soft-boiled eggs and a warm plate of Nasi Lemak, while I matched mine with honey-butter toast. The first scent I picked up was strong and robust, instantly brushing away whatever sleepiness I had. My father took his first sip and savoured it, noting how it was fruity with a touch of acidity. I enjoyed how intense it was: rich and just the right amount of bitterness to wake you up, but do so in a gentle yet aromatic fashion. The acid notes of the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso balanced my sweet and savoury toast. My father enjoyed the caffeine bouquet, while I loved the sweet aftertaste from the hints of almond. The rest of the breakfast was spent with us sharing what we would do for the day. In contrast to the quiet of our houses, the conversation was light and lively, perhaps mimicking the coffee we both shared. 

As I grew older (and further apart from my parents), it was not uncommon for me to spend most of my day doing my own tasks, majority of which are work-related. I suppose the same goes for my parents. This made me reminisce about the times when I was younger: we would have afternoon cakes and tea together, where we would sit and share the events of our day. For the next coffee, the three of us had the video call together, reliving a routine we used to have. 

a cup of coffee from Nespresso Rio Espresso coffee pod

An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

This time, my mother sat with us, bringing out an old-fashioned butter cream cake to pair. On the side were a small bowl of tiny sugar biscuits and a box of plain crackers. My father had brewed two cups of Rio Espresso — black — and another cup of Istanbul Espresso — latte style, complete with a latte art — to accompany them.  I was too busy to get myself a similar spread, so I settled for a simple sweet cream-filled bread and a cup of Rio Espresso, which was still brewing behind me when we started the ‘date’. As I fetched my cup and we shared our day and started digging in.  

The Nespresso Rio Espresso was notably more bitter, with complex herb aromatics swirling within. I caught on to the floral scent, something I enjoy in my drinks, while my father noted a hint of mint aftertaste. Paired with our sweet cakes and pastries, the coffee balanced out the flavours but did not compete with them; it was there to complete them. They melded into a sweet harmony of an afternoon get-together as we happily chatted to our hearts’ content. 

a cup of coffee from Nespresso Paris Espresso coffee pod

The Calm At Dusk

We visited the final pitstop of our World Exploration series in the early evening, taking time to wind down after a long day at work. What better way than to share a cup of liquid joy together? This time, we had enjoyed the coffee for itself without accompanying snacks; plain and unembellished, like the simplicity and comfort of each others’ company. 

The Paris Espresso was gentler and light, with earth notes from the cereal grains. The mild citrus in the blend made the experience delicate. As the sun set, so did the energy apparent from the earlier parts of the day. Our conversations became more sentimental, both of us pondering when we could travel as freely again. We exchanged quiet understandings, needing not many words to express what we felt. The cup of coffee felt warm to touch and delicate on my tongue, and in it, the expression of unspoken love was shared. 

We may not be able to sit down for an actual face-to-face cup for now, but the World Exploration series gave us the experience of being connected at the touch of a button. The simplicity of it meant the world for us, and you too could relish in the feeling of travelling across the world through a simple cup of Nespresso. 

 The three new World Explorations Espressos, in 3-sleeve pack (S$23.40) and individual sleeves (S$7.80), available online and at Nespresso boutiques in Singapore permanently.

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