Fat Prince's Charred Shishito PeppersO
The Charred Shishito Peppers are flavoured with crushed anchovies, walnut and preserved lemon

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Fat Prince has reopened its doors to a new era after expanding its dining concept and premises. But it isn’t just business as usual at the modern Middle Eastern restaurant and bar. The team has also conceived a sustainable menu, tripling its former offerings with new items. With social dining gaining popularity, the dishes make good sharing plates. This means you and your friends can try as many as you fancy without getting bored. In fact, you’ll probably find yourselves ordering more of what you do like.

We recommend starting with Eggplant Meets Yoghurt ($12) to dip with a basket of Turkish Flat Bread ($4) and Roasted Candy Beetroot (16). And then whet your appetite with something really tasty, like the Adana Kebab Tartare ($18) and Cured Salmon Krudo ($18). Moving on, if you want a light bite, go for the Duck Pastilla ($18). It’s covered in filo pastry and served with roasted carrot and almond flakes. For something heartier, definitely have the Australian Beef Rump ($48). It’s not too much shared between two or three friends. Our favourite is the Charred Shishito Peppers ($16). The flavour from the crushed anchovies, walnut and preserved lemon gives you savoury, smoky and piquant flavours all at once.

Head bartender Shallum has also created a slew of new cocktails. The Royal Blossom ($22) is made with G’Vine Floraison gin, chamomile and Burma tonic. Marsh Attak (a twist on Mars Attacks, $20) has 42 Below vodka, peanut butter, espresso, topped with toasted marshmallow. Both are as elegant as they are delicious. Shallum also mixes up some amazing mocktails if you’re abstaining from alcohol.
Fat Prince is at 48 Peck Seah Street, tel. 6221 7794

Chef Joel's BBQ Pork offers crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth meat with a Thai-inspired twist
Chef Joel’s BBQ Pork offers crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth meat with a Thai-inspired twist

just enjoy

We’ve withheld sharing about hidden culinary gems out of fear that fame and popularity might ruin them. Enjoy Eating tucked in a corner of Kam Leng Hotel is one. It’s not a fancy space. But this is where Chef Joel  commits himself to serving authentic heritage Singaporean dishes handed down from his grandmother.

“People feel that the local food culture is slowly being lost. Our favourite local eats are slowly disappearing. I felt it was time to return to my roots and hopefully reinvigorate the local food scene,” he said.

He is extremely proud of  his Brandy White Fish Soup, made from boiling fried fish bones for hours to achieve a collagen-rich broth that is then bolstered with a shot of brandy. Also outstanding in flavour and freshness is the Salt-Baked Sea Bass. Don’t miss chef Joel’s BBQ Pork, a crowd favourite for its flavour and texture, and be prepared to love the Chilli Prawns.

Enjoy Eating is at 383 Jalan Besar

Octopus Salad by Chef Ian Kittichai is part of Tangerine's farm-to-table menu at RWS
Octopus Salad by Chef Ian Kittichai is part of Tangerine’s new farm-to-table menu

conscious dining

It can be depressing to read news about the deteriorating health of our planet. It certainly makes it harder to make food choices because we want to minimise our impact on it. Thankfully restaurants are becoming more mindful of what they put out. And applying a little creativity the way chef Ian Kittichai has done puts the joy back into eating.

Sustainable seafood, healthy cuts of meat, aromatic herbs and the freshest greens emboldened with Thai flavours feature in his new offerings for Tangerine at Resorts World Sentosa. Everything on the menu is prepared with responsibly sourced and ecologically friendly ingredients. Stars of the new farm-to-table dining menu includes Octopus Salad (above), “Hunglay” Iberico Pork, Diver Scallops and Bangkok Market Sustainable Seafood Rice.

Lunch sets are available at $48++ (three courses) and $58++ (four courses). Dinner sets are at $68++ (four courses) and $88++ (five courses). Tangerine is at ESPA, Level 1, Resorts World Sentosa, tel. 6577 6336

Grand Shanghai's Fresh Sliced Abalone with Pomelo Vinegar and Sake
Master Chef Jacky Tang’s Fresh Sliced Abalone topped with Pomelo Vinegar and Sake Jelly

recreating the romance of old shanghai

It isn’t difficult to see why Grand Shanghai is a popular venue for Chinese wedding banquets and nostalgia-themed events. It is inspired by Shanghai in the 1930s – the Chinese city’s golden age when it came to be known as The Paris of the East. The restaurant certainly has an old-world charm with iconic art-deco motifs, sparkling chandeliers, sexy booth seating and elegant Oriental designs.

But more than just evoking nostalgia, Grand Shanghai is poised to serve sophisticated urbanites by paying careful attention to the way we dine today. A lot of care is taken in the way the food is presented. There is no lack of fanfare for sure. But there are also practical considerations. Take master chef Jacky Tang’s lobster bisque for instance (see video). The delicious soup chock full of tasty morsels of seafood is served in a hot stone bowl to keep it warm in anticipation of diners being engaged in conversation.

Grand Shanghai is at 390 Havelock Road, Level 1 King’s Centre, tel. 6836 6866

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