The Fat Prince has just launched a new menu and it comes at the perfect time, capitalising on the rising popularity of Middle Eastern food in Singapore. Expanding beyond the usual suspects of kebabs, couscous, harissa and za’atar, the new menu includes a larger section of mezze (small plates), main dishes and desserts.

The new menu might be overwhelming, especially to diners unfamiliar with Middle Eastern fare, so here are our recommendations.

Interior of The Fat Prince

Spicy Aleppo Pepper Squid with Lime, Curry Leaf and Spiced Mayo ($16)

Aleppo pepper is a variation of capsicum annuum spice and used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine with a moderate level of heat that’s similar to sweet paprika.

Soft Shelled Crab served with Chickpea Tempura, Shaved Fennel, Pomelo and Amba Yogurt ($18)

The Fat Prince Soft Shell Crab

Keeping to The Dandy Group’s preference for using unusual ungredients, the star here is the amba yoghurt, made with mangos, tumeric and fenugreek.

Fried Cauliflower with Moroccan Dressing, Macadamia Isot, Raisins and Herbs ($14)

This vegetable is enjoying a wave of popularity. Instead of the conventional grilled cauliflower, the Fat Prince fries its vegetable and serves it with sweet raisins and macadamia nuts.

Roasted Lamb Shoulder, Eggplant Whip, Pickled Cucumber, Zaatar Yogurt ($10)

Lamb has always been a favourite meat of Middle Eastern cuisine. This variation with eggplant, cucumber and za’atar is a sophisticated take on traditional kebabs.

Allspice Cookie Sandwich with Pistachio Kaya Parfait ($10)

The Fat Prince Allspice Cookie Sandwich

This dessert pays homage to the humble ice cream sandwich and giving it a Middle Eastern twist. Similar to the traditional baklava dessert of fillo pastry with nuts and honey, this ice cream sandwich sees pistachios combined with creamy kaya for an unusual East-meets-West dessert.

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