Every year, coffee aficionados (and caffeine addicts) around the world wait in anticipation of Nespresso’s latest line of Limited Edition coffees. This year, the experts over at Nespresso invite you to take a trip to the unique growing communities of Lake Kivu, Rwanda and Chiapas, Mexico with every sip from your demitasse. As a celebration of the coffee cultivation in each country, both Limited Editions have names meaning ‘heart’ in their native languages. Rather apt, if you ask me, considering the amount of work that goes into cultivating coffee beans.

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UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu

The densely populated and highly cultivated shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda have experienced a renaissance of sorts in the coffee-growing industry, resulting in the use of highly modernised post-harvest practices. With only the best beans selected, coffees from Rwanda are considered amongst the sweetest and most flavourful of East African coffees. To enhance these flavours, coffee experts at Nespresso split roast the green coffee beans. Part of the beans undergo a lighter roasting which accentuates its juicy notes while the other half gets a darker roast to pack a punch.


Fluid texture with bright, juicy notes, enhanced by a delicate aftertaste.

Best enjoyed as an Espresso or a Lungo

Intensity: 6

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TANIM de Chiapas

Conversely, on the high, volcanic land of Chiapas, Mexico, farmers tend to favour more traditional practices that have been passed down for generations. This region has been known for producing excellent coffee with stone-fruit flavours and cocoa notes. The Nespresso experts apply a similar method of split roasting to these beans except part of the coffee undergoes roasting at a low temperature to protect the nutty and bready notes while the other part gets a darker roasting to achieve a smooth texture.


Smooth-texture and bready aromas with nutty notes

Best enjoyed as a Ristretto or an Espresso

Intensity: 7

UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas will be available from 28 January 2016 for a limited period. S$24 for a duo pack (1 sleeve of 10 capsules each) and S$56.10 for a 5-sleeve pack. Available at any Nespresso boutiques, online at nespresso.com or via the Nespresso Mobile app.

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