You either love it or hate it. The king of fruits, it is a thorny delicacy that dangles dangerously from the trees until the locals go for the kill. Crack it open to a dense, creamy flesh. It’s going to raise a stink. 

‘Tis the season of the durian, and nobody does it better than the folks at Goodwood Park Hotel. They have been at it since 1983, and this year’s spread shouldn’t disappoint. Here are some to look out for.

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Durian Puff

It’s a Goodwood Park signature. They may look itty bitty and dainty, but these D24 cream puffs pack quite a punch. Starts at $9 for two, available until 17 July

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D24 Durian Ice Cream

No, you can’t hate ice cream. You really shouldn’t. Get a tub of this buttery frozen treat to go and keep it away from thieves. $18 per 473ml, available until 17 July

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Mao Shan Power Puff 

A crumbly choux pastry stuffed to the brim with lucious Mao Shan Wang durian mousse. Addictive, but one piece is more than enough. We hear durian is quite an aphrodisiac, so don’t go crazy over it in wrong company. You don’t want to score in regret. $19.80 each, available from 28 May to 17 July

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Crunchy Chocolate-Hazelnut Durian Tartlets

A crumbly tart filled with D24 beaten to a pulp, topped with a milk chocolate-hazelnut spread. Purists wouldn’t be happy, but we like it anyway. $43 for six pieces, available until 17 July

Durian Kueh Lapis (pictured at top)

Kueh lapis, or thousand layer cake, is a buttery confection that involves a good amount of dairy (an insane amount of egg yolks), sugar and spices. It’s a rich cake Singaporeans are familiar with, but this one takes it to a whole other level. Think extra layers of D24 mousse and almond sponge. $12 per slice; $62 per cake, available until 17 July

The Deli is open 9am to 9pm daily. Call 6730 1786 to order or place it online. Make your last order by 13 July, 12pm

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