When food tech company TiffinLabs was founded in the fourth quarter of 2019, they were riding on a growing wave in the region: food delivery. Little did they know that the solutions they provide will become emphatically more essential as the Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we got our food.

As restaurants closed with the onset of Covid-19, we took to ordering our food online, and when TiffinLabs introduced their virtual restaurants, we were quite literally in for a treat. Virtual restaurants are essentially restaurants that operate solely in the food delivery sphere. Customer order their food online, and the restaurants deliver their food. There are no dine-in options, pandemic or not – only kitchen facilities.

It’s a great concept that solved a great need at that time. Throughout 2020, TiffinLabs was able to launch a virtual restaurant per month. But now that we’re moving out of the pandemic, it is a different aspect of TiffinLabs’ DNA that comes to the fore: tech and data.

We need to consider the different departments that come together that shape TiffinLabs’ overall approach. The first is consumer data, in which TiffinLabs gathers information on the food ecosystem and consumer habits that are current and hyperlocal. They’ve also invested heavily in research and development, both in their food products as well as in improving processes such as food production and e-commerce.

But ultimately, where TiffinLabs truly shines is its connection to its target audience. Indeed, their understanding of the consumer is so immaculate that they were able to geo-personalise their recipes based on evolving consumer needs, feedback, and trends, while respecting the fact that food is also a cultural experience, and ingredients and flavour profiles have to be authentic.

This allows them to understand our statistically proven love for fried chicken, and open two more virtual restaurants, this time dedicated specifically to fried chicken. And just like TiffinLabs’ other virtual restaurant brands, they’ve similarly utilised tech and data to give consumers a culinary experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Phat Fingers

Phat Fingers is what happens when Science elevates trend. Many Singaporeans – including us – love Korean chicken, and most would argue it’s because of the deluge of sauce that sets Korean fried chicken apart from the others.

But TiffinLabs goes beyond that, realising it is too simplistic to reduce Korean chicken to just its sauce. The chicken underneath must be deliciously crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy inside so it properly pairs with your sauce of choice.

Phat Fingers is the best of both worlds: delectable sauce cascaded upon crunchy, well-marinated fried chicken.

Phat Fingers specialises in crispy chicken covered in delectable, authentic Korean sauces

To soothe different palates, Phat Fingers formulated five different sauces, from savoury to spicy. These, of course, includes the wildly popular traditional soy garlic sauce, the mildly tangy Seaweed Bulgogi, and the sweet-spicy Yangnyeom sauce.

The seaweed bulgogi is perhaps milder than other offerings at Phat Fingers (refer to the aptly named Nuclear Warhead), but still packs amazing flavour.

Southern Soul

The other new fried chicken virtual restaurant brand by TiffinLabs is Southern Soul Nashville fried chicken, which perfectly captures the flavours of fried chicken as they are prepared in the Southern states of the United States of America.

While we might be more familiar with chicken prepared in the styles of other states (such as those by high-ranking military personnel in Kentucky), Nashville’s methods calls to the hearty, bold flavour of the Deep South. Southern Soul also has something for the daring, as they have options that give Nashville’s fried chicken tradition a zesty, modern twist with ghost pepper, the world’s hottest chilli pepper.

Southern Soul is familiar comfort food, but for those who want an extra kick in their fried chicken will enjoy the addition of ghost pepper.

With these initiatives, TiffinLabs is advancing how restaurants, both virtual and brick-and-mortar, are connecting to their customers. It’s changing how consumers get their food, making the process more palatable through data and tech, while also adhering to the authentic ingredients and traditions that define food. Now that it’s spread to the United States, Malaysia and Thailand, TiffinLabs might very well be the perfect union of human ingenuity and authentic food.

You can order Southern Soul and Phat Fingers from their respective websites or from the Grab app.

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