Life Is Beautiful. It really is. But should you need a reminder, we recommend digging into Fat Lulu’s very therapeutic Dessert Pig Out. It’s to live for. Ten delicious desserts, for four chums, at $65++. And don’t worry if you’re a bigger party of friends. There’s always a way to share out the sweets.

Fat Lulu's Happy Therapy

Just so you know what you’re in for, pastry chef Song’s line-up offers…

1. Childhood is a spin on the favourites of your youth with a hazelnut popsicle, chocolate cookie, surrounded by raspberry granita.

2. Berries and White Chocolate combines white chocolate ice cream, cassis granite, frozen cassis foam and elderflower-infused strawberries.

3. Apple and Champagne is doubly refreshing with green apple sorbet and frozen champagne foam.

4. Beetroot and Cheese packs a nice surprise with beetroot transformed by blueberry, a lemon cream cheese mousse and a multigrain crumble.

5. Lemongrass Jelly offers a sensory feast with the flavours of lychee, mango, ginger flower and calamansi, and a juxtaposition of jelly and sorbet textures.

6. Green Tea Opera is a macha joconde sponge cake with chocolate ganache and green tea butter cream.

7. Mocha Choux is a comforting ensemble of milk chocolate, coffee cream and cocoa crumble.

8. Usimarit casts its spell with mascarpone panna cotta and a Kahlua granita.

9. Chocolate & Cherries is a seductive pairing of chocolate cookie and kirsch cherries under a lemon chocolate dome.

10. And one from its a la carte menu.

The Dessert Pig Out is available from 8.30pm onwards Tuesday to Friday, and from noon to 3pm on weekends. Fat Lulu’s is at 297 River Valley Road, tel: 9236 5002

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