WE know how important a good cup of coffee is. It gets you in the right mood to kickstart your day, but there can be so much frustration to drink a coffee that isn’t quite right. For sure you can rely on Starbucks or Toast Box, but why not beat the queue and start making coffee from your humble abode?

Instead of turning to packets of three-in-one instant brew, there are a number of local coffee roasters that are offering fresh, intriguing flavour combinations with quality beans sourced from around the world to make your morning coffee at home that much better. Here are three of our favourites.

perk coffee co.
local coffee: Perk Coffee
Credit: Perk Coffee

If you’re looking for coffee with a sweeter and nuttier profile, try Perk Coffee Co. From the region of South America to Africa, each packet of beans comes in its own level of roast that will bring out the full flavour of the drink. One to look out for is its Brazil Cerrado, which has notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and toasted hazelnut. This roaster also provides the option of decaf should you need a lower caffeine level.

Perk Coffee Co. comes in whole beans, ground beans, drip bags and Nespresso-compatible coffee pods from SG$14. It can be freshly purchased with or without a subscription. It delivers right to your doorstep within 48 hours of roasting with no shipping fee.

Hook coffee
Local coffee: Hook Coffee
Credit: Nomad x Hook Coffee

Want a coffee with a richer taste? Hook Coffee does just that as its coffees are blended with fruits, flowers and tea. Under different acidities, its top rated products are Macawfee and Bohemian Raspberry. Recently, the brand also released a special edition coffee, 50 Shades of Earl Grey, which has notes of lavender and lime.

Hook Coffee comes in whole beans, ground beans, drip bags and Nespresso-compatible coffee pods from SG$8. It can be freshly ordered and ships under normal mail with no fees. Each order collects points that can be redeemable for its products.

Cowpresso coffee roasters
Local coffee: Cowpresso Coffee Roasters
Credit: Cowpresso Coffee Roasters

For those who are adventurous, Cowpresso Coffee sources the best roasted and green unroasted Arabica beans from South America and Africa. The beans come in varied taste profiles ranging from fruity, nutty, chocolatey to floral. Its best-selling product is the 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain, which has the flavours of milk chocolate and citrus.

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters come in whole beans, ground beans and drip bags from SG$15. It’s available as a one-time purchase or with a subscription. It delivers within 2 to 6 days after the order is processed.

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Lester is into films, food and basically anything culture related under the sun.

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