If you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and in the mood for a unique dining experience, we cannot recommend Nadodi enough. Located in the heart of the city, right across from the iconic Petronas Twin Tower, this restaurant offers you an opportunity to taste dishes from various regions of the Indian subcontinent, including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Sri Lanka. The tasting menu takes you on a journey of these regions, providing you with authentic flavours but also presents playful interpretations of classic dishes. Here are a few of our favourite dishes prepared by the brilliant team at Nadodi.

And So It Begins

Like it’s name suggests, this trio is the meal’s starter. On the left is a “banana leaf” made of a false meringue, topped with tamarind and ginger, pumpkin, beans, red-rice daal and papadum, mango patchadi. These are small portions of sides that would appear on a banana leaf meal. On the top right we have a Kiri Bath, a crispy pastry with flavours reminiscent of Nasi lemak. Finally, in the bottom right corner is a Vada, a delicious deep-fried lentil puff filled with coconut chutney. This is inspired by a dish from Tamil Nadu, but is also popular here in Singapore (we refer to it as Vadai).

Prawn and Rabbit

This prawn and rabbit skewer dish presents surprisingly complex flavours which worked very well. The prawn is seasoned with a spice herb from South India, and is smoked with cedarwood before serving. The rabbit on the other hand, is cooked in Nadodi’s signature 18-spice blend and is extremely tender. Definitely one of the more memorable dishes on the menu.

Nomad’s Globe

Served as the last of the mains, and certainly the star dish of the tasting menu is this interpretation of a biryani. It comes served in a multi-layer container that is reminiscent of a tiffin. The top container holds a Jaffna Crab Varai, which is a salad featuring Alaskan crab, turmeric, onions, ginger, and garlic. The middle portion is a fragrant but ultimately traditional biryani. Finally the bottom container, seen on the right, features a lobster curry dish hailing from the Kannur region. While the curry was flavourful, it did not overpower the perfectly-cooked lobster.

Pol Hoppers

I’m not one for desserts, but this playful take on the classic Putu Mayam dish, won me over. The Sodhi ice-cream and stringy snack combined into a sweet yet savoury dish that just left me wanting more. Needless to say, I finished it in a matter of seconds. The sambar crumble was a delightful touch where texture is concerned.

Overall, I’d say the dining experience at Nadodi is exquisite. The restaurant’s setting is cosy enough to host an intimate birthday dinner, but can also be a suitable venue for a business meeting. There are also private dining rooms available upon request. The service is impeccable, and the food as we have mentioned above, is inventive yet authentic. We’ll certainly be back for more when we’re in Kuala Lumpur.

PS: Make sure you try the cocktail pairing option. It’s something else.

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Nadodi: Delightful Nomadic Cuisine
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