Instant noodles have always had the stigma of having poor nutrients and overall, not being very good for your diet. But the arrival of Nissin protein noodles may change that perception.

Trust one of the largest cup noodle makers in the world to come up with something like this. After all, Nissin has been in the cup noodle game for over half a century. The brand has even developed space cup noodles for astronauts. Now however it’s focused its attention on earth with a unique offering.

nissin protein noodles flavour
Nissin goes ‘pro’

Protein Packed

Nissin is no stranger to eccentric cup noodle flavours. Going from nugget and french fries to matcha flavoured noodles, Nissin unveils 2 “Cup Noodle Pro” iterations to commemorate its 50th anniversary. And no, the “pro” does not represent professional, but for “protein”.

Yes, that’s right – Nissin protein noodles. Although the phrase “healthy instant noodles” seem like an oxymoron, there is no better way to describe it. While instant noodles are known for being unhealthy and MSG-laden, the Seafood and Original Cup Noodle Pro refute the statement with flavourful and nutritional ingredients that are high in protein and low on sugar.

In other words, your favourite umami-packed indulgence is finally a less sinful meal with minimal carbs and protein to keep you fuller for longer. While these noodles may not be the paradigm of healthy options, the Cup Noodle Pro is a great alternative for those who crave the flavour of instant noodles.

For more information on these new Nissin protein noodles, check out the brand’s website.

(Images: Nissin)

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