Have you ever had Nordic cuisine? Well, I had not until I went to Sear, and boy did it blow me away. Whether you are new to Nordic food or a long-time fan, Sear’s new menu designed by Executive Chef Erik Gustafsson will surely satisfy even the pickiest of you foodies. The menu is inspired by the spring season, so expect a variety of fresh flavors and creamy textures.

Vendance Roe

Served with a set of freshly baked bread, this dish will instantly transport you to Scandinavia through your taste buds. The roe is the star of this platter, in fact, it is often referred to as ‘Swedish Gold’. Fished in northern Sweden and brought directly to your plate, Sear ensures you have the most authentic experience. A great way to enjoy this is by spreading the roe on the warm brioche bread provided, then paired with the velvety lemon crème fraiche. Have fun with this dish and play around with the various pairings of onions as well.

Atlantic Cod

Cod is a staple food in Scandinavia, making this dish one of the more typical and hearty of the four. The highlight here was definitely realizing how much flavor can come from pure simplicity and smart ingredient pairing. The delicious roe is introduced again, surrounding the cod in a creamy sauce. Baked cabbage and seared vegetables are paired with the delicious fillet.

Rhubarb Pre-Dessert

Rhubarbs stay close to Chef Gustafsson as he recalls picking them in his garden and dipping them in sugar as a kid. A ‘panna-cotta’ like foam sits on a bed of rhubarbs, making a light but zesty flavor. It is so perfect at cleansing the palette, it will leave you wanting more.

Cloudberry Dessert

This dessert brings a Swedish specialty, the Cloudberry, to our plates in Singapore. Picked in the northern mountains of Sweden, Chef Gustafsson thinks they are one of the best berries around. Paired with vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and carrot, this dessert will be like nothing you have had before. Although recalling a Nordic taste, this one is an original creation that will keep you guessing.

The 4-Course menu is priced at 88++ with additional 58++ for wine pairing

SEAR is located at 50 Raffles Place, Level 45 Singapore Land Tower

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