“Excuse me, my chicken is undercooked.”

We seem to have entered the golden culinary age in Singapore where diners are a lot more adventurous with their gastronomy pickings. However, the very idea of consuming pink chicken continues to instil chills down the spines of many. Salmonella, anyone?

During a tasting session at Bincho at Hua Bee, we were introduced to the concept of consuming a very pink and practically raw piece of chicken thigh that was cooked a la toriwasa-style (yes, trust the land of the rising sun to find a way to make raw chicken a thing). Not to be confused with torisashi, which is serving the chicken completely raw, toriwasa cooks the exterior of the meat first. It is similar to the style of a beef or tuna tataki where the protein is lightly seared on the exterior before getting sliced up for consumption.

This seared chicken is a Japanese speciality. The toriwasa chicken here is not from Bincho, but a sample to show what it looks like courtesy of blogger Ivan Shaw.

Prepared by Bincho‘s then-consulting chef Watanabe, the miso-marinated chicken thigh was lightly cooked on the restaurant’s signature white charcoal grill and revealed a very raw, pink centre when cut up. The verdict: it was absolutely divine. The texture was incredible; soft and chewy. Absolutely no dry chicken to be found here.

The restaurant specialises in its grills, and the yakitori chicken hearts and wings with sancho are a must-have.

So here’s the thing, one can easily contract salmonella from raw beef as one can from raw chicken. So why is the concept of raw chicken still avoided like the plague? Here’s the trick; the protein has to be consumed as fresh as possible so make sure to select a restaurant that you can trust.

Bincho at Hua Bee gets their chickens live everyday from a premium farm in Malaysia so diners can be assured of the freshness of their produce. The restaurant has recently expanded their menu to include all of the items items depicted here. We highly recommend the miso-marinated thigh and Mizayaki grilled chicken neck. 

Delicious chicken neck

Bincho at Hua Bee is located at 78 Moh Guan Terrace, 01-19, tel. 6438 4567

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