For the Man Who Drinks on the Move: Cedes Milano Wine Travelling Box (pictured above)

This pigskin wooden carrier fits two bottles, two glasses, two watertight caps, a corkscrew and thermometer. Stylish and very flattering if you’re keen to impress on a romantic getaway. 

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For the Nifty Barman: Cedes Milano Butler’s Friend Bamboo Corkscrew

Cedes Milano is known for turning natural objects into everyday stunners. This corkscrew made entirely by hand from sturdy bamboo, is designed to pop your wine and beer bottles open. Stows away neatly, too.

$299.90 Available at Mr Porter


For the Man with Good Taste: The Alessi Juicy Salif

We love Philippe Starck for his confident, quirky personality. But his innovative (sometimes questionable) designs? All the more. This juicer he sketched for Alessi is revolutionary as much as it is functional. We can’t think of a more stylish juicer than this.

$129 (usual $215) till 19 December. Available at P5 (Previously Macsk Singapore), 63 Mohamed Sultan Road, 01-14. Tel. 6443 2282

For the Coffee Addict: Bialetti Moka Pot

Quintessential to every Italian household, the moka pot makes far better coffee than what a Nespresso pod can offer. Fill it up with water, ground coffee and put it over the stove. It works like a pressure cooker and coffee will be reader in only a matter of minutes. Available in different sizes.

From $60. Available at Tangs 

For the Man Who Likes His Whisky: Linley Trafalgar Straight Whisky Glass

Pretty, handmade in Britain and made with hand-blown lead crystal. We’re not sure if it does anything for the whisky, but it sure comes with a price.

$142.50 Available at Mr Porter 

For the Man Who Cooks: Food & Beer by Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

Learn how to take beer to the level of wine in fine dining in 60 recipes by Danish gypsy brewer Jarnit-Bjergsø and Canadian Michelin-starred chef Burns.

$42.74 Available at Book Depository

For the Man Who Spoils His Wine: Coravin Model Two Elite

Now this is really cool. You can enjoy a bottle of wine without having to pop the cork open. Even better, you don’t have to rush to finish it within a day (if you’re not in a hurry, of course). What Coravin does is plunge a thin needle through the foil and cork, the bottle is pressurised with argon (so no oxygen touches the wine) and voila, there’s your glass. Available in red, gold and silver.

$530 Available at Enoteca Wine, The Oaks Cellars and The Vintage Club

For the Man Who Rather Decant: Asprey Stag Head Decanter

The question always remains for us whisky drinkers – to decant or not to decant? You could pour it straight for the bottle, but pouring into a decanter won’t mar the quality anyway. At least not with Asprey, which makes theirs with lead-free crystal, so you know your whisky should remain at its prime without unwanted metal leaching in. 

$4,489.83 Available at Mr Porter

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