Every year when winter ends and spring is in the air, Germans rejoice for Spargelzeit, which translates to ‘Asparagus Time’. Often referred to as ‘White Gold’, this German seasonal specialty will be brought to you here in Singapore for a limited time at Brotzeit. White Asparagus is one of the first local vegetables to grow in Germany and Austria after the cold winter season. With it only growing for a limited time, a whole festivity has evolved around eating this curious shoot. The exclusive menu is available from now until the 10th of June, so you won’t want to miss this. Read below for a glimpse of some of the dishes available at Brotzeit for Spargelzeit.

White Asparagus Platter

White Asparagus Platter $78

To start off, the sharing platter was served. This has a range of ingredients to make sure there is something for everyone to start off with lightly. The White Asparagus, understandably, is the main attraction of the platter, and the sides are meant to be tried in combination to the vegetable. Hollandaise sauce can be poured over the whole platter or be served individually.

The smoked salmon and poached eggs are a great pair to the White Asparagus, as they give each bight a fresh and light feel. If not, the ham is a perfect partner as well. Slightly smokey and more robust, it balances out the light and silky White Asparagus.

Asparagus Quinoa Salad

White Asparagus Quinoa Salad $21

A great dish for the health conscious is the White Asparagus Quinoa Salad. Nutritious and light, this salad combines citrus fruits, berries, walnuts and quinoa to the White Asparagus to make a palette of flavours that explode with both sweet and savoury notes. This surprising dish was my favourite.

Classic Asparagus

White Asparagus With Pan Seared Barramundi

The star dish of this exclusive menu is the Classic Asparagus. This hearty and homely dish is a combination of the vegetable with baked potatoes, tomatoes and hollandaise sauce. This can be toppe with either Pan Seared Barramundi or with a Grilled Beef Tenderloin Steak. The asparagus and potato combination was a winner on its own, but the Barramundi ended up being a scrumptious addition. Crispy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside, it was most exquisite.

White Asparagus Panna Cotta

Asparagus Panna Cotta $10

Asparagus as a dessert? Yeah, we were unsure at first too, but boy does it work. Chef Wolfgang Ranner explained that since the vegetable is very delicate, if cooked with a bit of sugar and butter it can easily be transformed into a sweet specialty. Paired with the creamy and gentle Panna Cotta, the flavours of asparagus were elevated.

All the dishes were perfectly paired with a Wittmann Pinot Blanc, which is also a seasonal white wine available for a limited time at Brotzeit.

Order the two-course menu with a minimum of 5 people and enjoy a complimentary bottle of the wine.

Celebrate Spargelzeit at Brotzeit anytime from now until the 10th of June at any of their outlets. 

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