Orange is the New Black’s season four is premiering on Netflix tomorrow. In honor of that, Netflix Singapore transformed OverEasy into Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria last night for its Welcome to Litchfield experience. 

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Attendees got their mugshots taken when they first entered, past the security check. No cavity search, thankfully! There were stations for getting your hair done in one of the characters’ styles or for getting an airbrush tattoo. Actors dressed as guards and inmates interacted with attendees and each other in little scenes that made you feel like you were on the OITNB set. The actors were very committed to the role, with inmates trying to convince you to share some food or contraband with them and the guard bartenders slamming your drinks on the counter. Not as fun for someone with less of a sense of humor, but hilarious for the rest of us.

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Dinner itself was quite the adventure. It succeeding in looking as appetizing as the prison meals in Litchfield looked. (It succeeded really well at this.) Unfortunately, it also tasted about as appetizing as it looked. The corn was intensely spicy, the gruel was the only decent thing on the tray, and let’s not talk about the nutraloaf. It tasted worse than it looked. I’m a little more motivated to stay out of prison now.

Welcome to Litchfield-am_il_v1001_i_9c7ab5ef6271859e96c06b82f1097bed90_210062f8954b9d9c7b93e282506f124552

Those interested in experiencing it for themselves can still go. The cafeteria is open today and tomorrow for lunch and dinner, with space allotted for walk-ins. 

And what about OITNB? Season four’s focus shifts to a more racial and economic one than previous seasons. A surge of new inmates complicates things and changes the prison dynamics. Netflix describes it as “an unprecedented culture war.” No spoilers, but this season definitely starts out no holds barred. Let’s just say our favourite inmates aren’t going to have an easy time this season.

One more day till OITNB. Hands up: who’s excited?

Welcome to Litchfield-am_il_v1001_i_b97a07b20fb63e2d2a79ec33206d333c10_476eaf04f2b1aa43491dfce6d6b251a239

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