We learnt recently that in order to provide better service standards, the bus contracting model may result in a raise in fares to consumers, but will still be affordable. These services will include USB charging on buses, rolling out today on 10 buses. Clearly an essential part of providing transport to passengers on time is to ensure they have power on buses. 

The 10 buses roll out today on roads equipped with USB sockets. Image from Straits Times. 

Here are a few other things that we think will be affordable if raised. 

1. The Price of Petrol (in Australia)

The price of crude climbed from a low of US$27 to ~US$44 per barrel. While Singaporeans are paying around S$2 per litre, according to the Australia Institute of Petroleum, the average national price is A$1.13 per litre this week. (Australia imports around 20% of petrol from Singapore.)

2. The Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is highly rated for its electric efficiency and range around the world and enjoys subsidies in many countries for consumers looking for an all-electric vehicle. In Singapore, however, the one guy who imported it in himself from Hong Kong ended up with a $15,000 surcharge for wanting to go green. It should be noted that the BMW i3 and i8 (all electric and hybrid respectively) qualify for $30,000 rebates. The reason given was that testing proved the car consumed more electricity than listed and this was to account for the carbon emissions produced from electricity production. But he still saves from the fuel costs. 

3. Children’s Education (as they age)

It’s cheaper to educate your child as he or she ages. Pre-school education in Singapore ranges from $160 – $720 a month for anchor operators (kindergartens and full day childcare respectively) to $1,200 onwards for private childcare establishments (according to Skoolopedia). While primary and secondary as well as junior college education for Singapore citizens are negligible and up to $220 per month for permanent residents. However, even at the maximum for international students in public schools in Singapore, stand at $1,150, comparable with the average fees for a full day child care program in Singapore. 

4. Discounts

Yes this is actually logical. Discounts do make things more affordable when the discount percentage increases. This also applies to bargains and length of bargaining time. 

5. Bus fares

While we’d like to credit our Transport Minister for the very quotable quote, we strongly believe in giving the right credit where relevant and certainly it’s the Straits Times that has titled this article sharply. In the spirit of accurate reporting, we’d like to highlight that the article explained bus fares may have to be raised in the near future in order for the bus contracting system to work. However the Public Transport Council will ensure that prices will remain affordable. 

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5 Things That are Affordable If Raised
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