WHAT do you get your guy friend that has everything? Well, you get him a gift that will help him grow the follower count, of course.

If you know someone that aspires to influence the realm of social media, here is the gift guide to end all gift guides. There’s a different option for each type of influencer. Is he a gym rat with what appears to be a permanent beach body? Or is artistic flair what draws the eyeballs to their beautifully-curated feed? Whatever the personality, there’s a gift for it. Maybe you’d find something to treat yourself to as well in this list.

For the sartorialist – Dior Men’s Saddle Bag

When Maria Grazia Chiuri revived the Dior Saddle bag, the fashion crowd collectively gasped and clamoured for one. For his debut Dior Men’s runway collection, Kim Jones also released his take on the Saddle. The difference between the men’s and women’s versions are the silhouettes. While the women’s version paid homage to the original Saddle and is mostly slung on shoulders and elbows, the men’s version has a thicker strap and a more masculine silhouette.

During his latest pre-fall show that took place in Tokyo, Jones collaborated with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama for a metal Saddle bag. Unfortunately, that edition might not make it in time for this year’s festive season. But hey, there’s always Christmas in 2019. Or a birthday, too.

For the aestheticist – Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Instant Camera

In the age where we’re all raving about the latest VSCO filter or how great digital cameras are, there are some of us who enjoy delayed gratification. Well, that’s a bit ironic considering this gift is called an “instant camera”. The Polaroid Originals OneStep+ plays on the iconic design of the retro OneStep from 1977 but with modern technicalities like Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery.

Imagine an instant camera that can give you double exposures, a self-timer, light painting abilities, manual mode, and a noise trigger! These features are all enabled through the connected Polaroid Originals app. This gift is one that your friend with an artistic eye would be able to appreciate.

The Polaroid Originals OneStep+ starts at €159.99 (S$250).

For the social media addict – iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is one of the best smartphones out there, and we aren’t soulless shills preaching to the masses. Apple’s biggest (literally) and best smartphone has all the workings of a 2019 device. The dual camera setup when coupled with the A12 Bionic chip will create some of the best portrait images with better bokeh than its predecessors, and a wider dynamic range which would be important for those #wanderlust shots.

The bigger 6.5” screen would also let him see his Instagram feed because let’s be real here, he would need that space to admire his perfectly curated 3×3 feed that has been colour-coded according to the different seasons. To really help him stand out from the crowd (and the first-generation iPhone X adopters), gift him the gold one. Thank us later when he dedicates one entire Instagram story to you.

The iPhone XS Max starts at S$1,649 and is available at all Apple stores.

 For the Gym-fluencer – Tom Ford Underwear

In the past, a certain other brand dominated the waistlines of both men and women everywhere. It all started with Marky Mark’s iconic poster ad in 1992, but 16 years on, all that is set to change. Earlier this year at New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford paraded his models on the runway clad only in the most luxurious of cotton briefs, each with his name emblazoned across the velvet band.

“I like the idea of my name wrapped around the hips of thousands of men,” Ford said. If all goes according to plan, that idea would soon become reality, as his collection of underwear was just launched last month across his stores. You can gift them in a dizzying array of skin-toned shades and prints that come in various materials ranging from cotton to silk. The lucky recipient of the briefs won’t be able to resist ‘gramming a selfie of him in the underpants, accompanied by his trusty rock-hard abs.

 For the audiophile / minimalist – Devialet Phantom Reactor

Alright, this is a lavish gift, but hear us out. The Phantom hi-fi speaker has made its way into the spaces of audiophiles everywhere because of its sleek profile and compact size. But in their quest to further streamline the design of their products, Devialet has launched the Phantom Reactor, an ultra-compact speaker with a maximum volume of 98dB SPL (comparative to hearing a jet taking off or a jackhammer’s motor).

No sane person would even dare to expose his eardrums to that sort of abuse, but it’s just a testament to how powerful the Phantom Reactor is despite its smaller frame. It’s four times smaller than its predecessor and weighs only 5kg, which means it can actually be picked up with one hand. It beats a traditional hi-fi stereo setup where all that is required is to plug it in, connect it to a device, and the tunes can start streaming out immediately after.

The Devialet Phantom Reactor starts at S$1,890 for the 600W version, and is available at all Devialet stores in Singapore.


For those who need a good break – trip to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Now this is a gift fit for a king, also known as your best friend. At the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, the butlers here go beyond bringing you room service. The resort was the first to introduce late last year an “Instagram Butler” who will do exactly as his job title says: be someone’s bona fide Instagram photographer.

Not only are the butlers trained in taking the most striking photos that are Instagram-worthy, they also know the right places for the right shots. Say you want to get a sunset photograph without a horde of people behind you—your butler is the man. If you wanted to head to one of the uninhabited islands near the resort for a photo shoot, that can also be arranged. This anticipation of a millennial traveller’s needs is what differentiates a top holiday resort from other properties.

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