Remember the ruckus yesterday caused by a vending machine supposedly spitting out $50 dollar notes in exchange for $3? Well, it turns out the people behind it are none other than the industry-changing telco Circles.Life, and they have some brilliant new offerings for you.

Unlimited Data, Whenever You Want

Massive data packages at affordable rates have always been Circles.Life’s biggest allure, and now they’ve gone and outdone themselves. The fastest growing telco in Singapore is now offering unlimited data for a day for a measly $3. We’ll let that sink in for a second. All the data you can consume for a day, at the same price as a plate of chicken rice at your neighbourhood kopitiam. It’s ludicrous. The best part about all of this is not being held to a contract. If you feel like binging the new season of you favourite Netflix show, simply head into the app and turn this option on for a day. For those who are wondering, you do not need to subscribe to the “$20 for 20GB” service to enjoy this new unlimited data one. You have the power to decide what works best for you. Looking at you, StarHub, M1 and Singtel.

Edit: StarHub has called us to clarify that they do in fact have a no-contract plan that offers unlimited weekend data from as low as $24 a month.

WhatsApp Passport

One of the issues users have faced thus far, is data roaming. At about $10 for 100MB, it is nowhere near affordable. While it isn’t the perfect solution, Circles.Life’s new WhatsApp Passport offering is a step in the right direction. Starting at $1 per day, you’ll be privy to unlimited WhatsApp messaging in over 18 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. Check out the full list on Circles.Life’s website. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “What about using WhatsApp to make calls?” Unfortunately, this offering is only applies to WhatsApp messaging. We asked.

Unlimited Calls

If you’re always needing to make phone calls, Circles.Life now has an option for free outgoing calls for $16 a month. Here’s some quick math for you:

Base Plan                                           $28
Unlimited Incoming Calls              $2
Unlimited Outgoing Calls              $16
Total                                                     $46

Only StarHub offers something close to this price range, but you’ll be bound to a 12-month contract. Singtel and M1’s plans will cost you about $70 and $98 respectively.


By the 2nd half of this year, Circles.Life will expand to Indonesia. While this will not affect users in Singapore very much, it’s great information to know. Sharing with us today, co-founder and director Rameez Ansar explained that the telco has received interest from many countries, but they’ve decided to make Indonesia their first foray into a market outside of Singapore. The rapid expansion is attributed to Circles-X, Circles.Life’s proprietary cloud-based infrastructure that allows a launch in a new country in only weeks, as opposed to years. Not to mention at only 5% of the cost.

It’s great to see a homegrown telco making such great waves around the region. We have a feeling it won’t be long until Circles.Life make it onto the global radar. As for the users, we recommend jumping on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

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Circles.Life Now Offers Unlimited Data At $3 Per Day

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