There’s no better feeling than blasting the faces of your enemies on CoD while gaming on your bright pink Barbie DreamHouse Xbox Series S.

Trash-talking, rage quitting, and energy drink drinking are what make up every toxic gamer. They can be found in every lobby of every game, and chances are you may have encountered them in your gaming sessions. In fact, there’s a chance you might be one of them. And while toxicity is something we don’t usually condone, we’ll make an exception this one time. 

Be toxic. Be absolutely obnoxious. Be utterly difficult. Be a gamer that everyone will loathe. And there’s no better way to do that than on your very own Barbie DreamHouse Xbox. 

The Barbie DreamHouse Xbox Series S is every griefer’s dream

barbie xbox
Image credit: Xbox

Listen up, toxic gamers: Xbox is giving away (yes, they’re giving it away) a special Xbox Series S that’s perfect for you. It’s in bright Barbie pink, which is the colour of every toxic gamer’s heart, and is emblazoned with the movie’s logo. 

But that’s not all: the pinked-out console is also built into Barbie’s very own DreamHouse. That’s right, trash-talkers and proud griefers, you can annoy other gamers while being proud that your console is housed within the confines of Barbie’s very own glamorous DreamHouse complete with a pool.

Along with the console, Xbox is also giving away controller faceplates that share designs with some of Barbie and Ken’s outfits from the movie. That means you can cheat in Apex Legends and be proud of your win while proudly holding the pink-and-star-designed controller. 

If you want a chance to win these very special items that would make every toxic gamer squeal, you can do so starting July 10 and by keeping up on updates on Twitter or being part of the Microsoft Rewards program.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

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