Fortnite, the global gaming sensation captivating millions of players, including children and adults, recently underwent a feature change with the introduction of age ratings to its Creative Mode. However, fans did not take well to the restrictions brought along with this.

As part of the v27.10 update by Epic Games, this alteration specifically impacts the usability of Fortnite cosmetic items, enforcing restrictions based on age and content ratings for custom maps. While aimed at ensuring a safer gaming environment for children, the move has ignited unrest within the diverse gaming community. 

Known for its beloved Creative Mode, allowing players to craft personalised maps and experiences, this new change kills the thrill of choosing your skin, fans claim.

Here’s an in-depth look at the controversial age restriction that has stirred up the Fortnite universe.

What exactly does Epic Games’ new ‘Fortnite’ age restriction change?

fortnite age restriction
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The controversial feature assigns age ratings to every cosmetic item, resulting in the replacement of incompatible items with default alternatives if already equipped. Initially integrated into Fortnite Creative maps last month, this age rating system is a commendable step towards universal safety, especially for younger players of the Battle Royale game. 

However, the unintended consequence is the limitation it imposes on various cosmetic items across all game modes. Fortnite enthusiasts, known for their vocal opinions, have expressed much dissatisfaction over this change on social media, advocating for a reversal or refunds for affected items.

Notable leakers, like iFireMonkey, highlight age ratings for popular skins (outfits or players), creating a ripple effect of concern.

However, the restrictions extend beyond skins to encompass music disks, loading screens and gun wraps as well. Even free items are not exempt from the age restriction. For example, Zadie, a rare Fortnite skin, can only be used in experiences rated 12+, and this limitation extends to other items like the Auto Clutch back bling, obtained after reaching 35 account levels.

Who will be effected by the update?


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Contrary to initial concerns, the Fortnite age restriction may not impact a significant number of players or cosmetics. With Fortnite already rated Teen, most of its content falls within the 12+ rating.

However, the move is expected to affect the sales of cosmetic items in the game’s universe. Unfortunately, Epic Games likely implemented this feature to comply with IARC (International Age Rating Coalition) ratings, hinting at potential future changes.

The most iconic ‘Fortnite’ skins hit by the age restriction update

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Cultured Vultures compiled a list of over 20 affected skins, predominantly collaboration skins like Lara Croft and Deadpool. Recognisable names like Leon S Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Doctor Doom are among those affected. This list sheds light on the breadth of cosmetic items influenced by the age rating system. 

As of now, Epic Games remains tight-lipped about whether the change will be reversed or adjusted to appease the frustrated Fortnite player base. The future may see more similar changes as Epic navigates compliance with IARC ratings, striving to strike a balance between safety and player satisfaction.c

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the new restrictions in Fortnite based on age rating?

Fortnite recently introduced age ratings to its Creative Mode, impacting the usability of cosmetic items. Each custom map now carries an age and content rating, restricting cosmetic items if they fall outside the designated age rating threshold. Items incompatible with an island’s rating are replaced by default alternatives if already equipped.

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‘Fortnite’ Players Slam Makers For Age Restrictions In New Update
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