Fifteen years ago BMW produced The Hire, a series of eight short films that were about eight minutes long each. All of the episodes revolved around a nameless mercenary driver for hire, spectacularly played by Clive Owen, with a conscience. This was before YouTube and other video sharing platforms but the films went viral, being viewed over 11 million times in four months. BMW tapped on the talents of some of the best directors on the planet to shoot these intense films and you can watch the first in the series Ambush below.

We were massive fans of The Hire and were glad to find out that BMW Films is finally returning with a new season. The first, titled The Escape, again sees Clive Owen and his signature intense stare back in the driver’s seat. But this time he’s driving the new 2017 BMW 5 series. There is some heavy-duty acting and directing firepower in this one, with Dakota Fanning, Vera Farmiga and Jon Bernthal (from The Punisher) making appearances. In the director’s chair is Neill Blomkamp who brings his signature action sequences into the The Escape. It’s an intense, emotionally-heavy piece and we can’t wait for the next installment. In the meantime, watch The Escape in the video at the top of the article. A word of warning: it will make you want the new BMW 5 series automobile.

Head over to BMW Films to keep tabs on the next film in the series.

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