Action speaks louder than words. That’s what I learnt with Breitling this week when we hitched a ride with them to Reno for the annual Reno Air Races. The multi-day event which sees planes of all shapes and sizes compete in various categories, also welcomed a new participant this year: the Breitling Jet Team, which put on an incredible show today with their expert handling of aerobatics. Check out the Jet Team’s incredible performance as well, courtesy of Candid Sky Productions. Their YouTube feed is here

It’s the first year that the Jet Team has performed in Reno, and the team managed to schedule the performances as part of their ongoing American Tour. 

We had a chance to personally experience some of these aerobatics when we managed to get a seat on David Martin‘s plane. The pilot, one of the first aerobatics pilots in the world with over four decades of flying experience to his name, also works with Breitling to showcase the brand’s aviation heritage and association across the United States. 

David Martin shows us a few aerobatic tricks-am_il_v1001_i_2f87646894e17d08bf1b730b9b23a20079_bb74cfab8d6075991bb8da029e21342297

Over the course of 15 minutes or so, Martin took us flying like we’ve never experienced before. He rolled, he spun, he double-spun, he climed vertically and then flipped the plane over so we enjoyed some zero-gravity moments and finally, he let us fly the plane for a very brief minute, but one that will stay in our minds forever. Find out more about Martin, the Breitling Jet Team, the Reno Air Races and the Swiss watch brand in upcoming articles on print and online. In the meantime, enjoy my POV video of the experience. There’s a bit of swearing and enthusiasm in the audio, feel free to switch it off if you like. 

P.S. Flying on one of these aerobatics flights will definitely eradicate any fear of flying you had. 

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David Martin shows us a few aerobatic tricks

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