Take a world famous tenor and one of the world’s most iconic compact cars and you have the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli.

Fiat has officially lifted the covers off the new limited edition model, which boasts a premium audio system developed in collaboration with the famous Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli. The carmaker has designated the model as the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli.

The special edition is the first city car in the world to be equipped with JBL ‘Virtual Venues’ technology, providing unmatched audio experience. It is a fitting enhancement to the New 500, which is the best-selling electric car model of automaker Stellantis.

Star Power

In case you’re keeping score, this isn’t the first time Fiat has enlisted the services of a global celebrity. The car maker has also signed up Leonardo DiCaprio previously.

However with this new limited edition model, Fiat has enlisted the services of Andrea Bocelli to put a spin on its iconic New 500. The New 500 La Prima by Bocelli features a 320W premium audio system that has been specially mastered by Andrea Bocelli himself.

The reason for this is Fiat wanted to create the ultimate acoustic experience, perfectly complementing the quiet nature of this electric car when driving. The result does not alter the design of the car’s interior or trunk.

In terms of design, the model sports a black livery and ivory upholstery. It also offers a new disinfecting glove box, perfectly suited to the post Covid-19 era. It is, in fact, a device integrating a UV-C lamp inside the glove box.

The system is activated by pressing a button on the centre console. From then on, a three-minute cycle is enough to disinfect your smartphone or any other small everyday item. The “La Prima by Bocelli” range will be available in sedan and convertible versions. Keeping it in the family, the new single by Matteo Bocelli, Andrea’s son, will serve as the soundtrack to this collaboration.

(Images: Stellantis)

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