If the roads are the jungle, then the Wrangler is a lion. And it pays to be a beast on the streets of Singapore, where only the strong survive. The Wrangler is monstrous, a tough and capable machine that drives as well on tar and asphalt as it does on sticks, branches and mud. Sure, we aren’t exactly in prime jeep territory, but we’d like to think that owning a Wrangler in the concrete jungle is still as rewarding.

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There is driving. Then there is driving a Wrangler. It’s exhilarating to wield the power you will be bestowed with when you’re seated in one. You feel as if nothing can stop you. In a city saturated with self-entitled citizens, there are bound to be those who race you for that last parking lot or tailgate you on a fast lane. With the Wrangler, all you need to do is watch as your prey, sorry we mean, driver tenses up, moves over and behaves. For better effect, wear a pair of shades and stare until he is out of view.   

Stand Out

You might be considering a luxe sports car for your next ride and while we’re not saying that’s a bad investment, you won’t exactly stand out in a sea of similar-looking low-slung motor vehicles. Now, the Wrangler is the type of vehicle that does – standing out, that is. All you need is the number of a good tailor, a beautiful timepiece and polished leather shoes to pair with the Wrangler, which will be your capable wingman. You’ll be the talk of the town, the epitome of cool.

Make Friends

Like every other type of vehicle, there will always be a group of like-minded people who congregate for fun. Be a part of the Jeep Owners’ Club of Singapore and partake in long drives off the beaten path with good company. In times when you just want to talk to a diverse group of people over a cup of joe, there’s Cars & Kopi, a group of car enthusiasts who occasionally gather at Dempsey Hill to chat. 

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Stay Confident

No matter the road situation or weather condition, you can be assured that the Wrangler has your back. The Wrangler won’t forget its roots – that of a 4×4 capable of tackling even the roughest streets, even if those streets look suspiciously like rocks. It will even help you dominate the boardroom. Just carelessly toss your keys onto the table. That will shut them up.

Be Versatile

While the Wrangler has been updated in terms of technology (you’ll welcome the automatic temperature control, which will help you stay cool when negotiations get heated), its shape and iconic stance remain. This means that you’re more than welcome to turn the Wrangler into anything you fancy to fit your lifestyle, such as hitching on a camper van or turning the back into a mobile bar complete with your favourite whisky. Personal assistant not included, unfortunately.

If you think you’re capable of taming the Jeep Wrangler, head down to the Jeep Showroom at 1 Chang Charn Road Singapore 159630 or call 6479 3333. Afraid to tread into the urban jungle? Get a taste at www.jeep.com.sg or at www.facebook.com/chryslerjeepsg.

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Jeep: Show Them Who’s Boss

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