Developed by its motorsports division Subaru Tecnica International (STI), Japanese automaker Subaru introduced two electric vehicle concept cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which was held from 14 to 17 January 2022 in Japan.

The STI E-RA Concept and Solterra STI Concept look stunning from the outside and the interiors are sleek as well.

According to a statement by Subaru, the STI E-RA is a concept model of the STI E-RA electric race car, which is being developed under the STI E-RA Challenge Project. The project aims to learn more about new technologies for motorsports in a carbon-neutral era.

The Solterra STI Concept is based on the car that made its world debut in November 2021 — the Solterra all-electric SUV.

Here’s what we know about the two concept cars by Subaru

STI E-RA Concept

Subaru electric race car
Image credit: 株式会社SUBARU/@SUBARU_CORP/Twitter

Subaru says that STI E-RA Concept will aim to set a lap time record of 6 minutes and 40 seconds at the Nürburgring circuit from 2023 onwards. If the car attains its goal, it will prove to be a faster electric vehicle than Tesla’s Model S Plaid.

Before the ultimate Nürburgring circuit, the car will be tested at Japanese racing circuits through 2022.

To reach the high-speed target, the all-wheel drive is fitted with four Yamaha motors, yielding an output of 800kW (1088ps). A 60kWh lithium-ion battery drives the motor.

The car is designed to maximise speed, with elements that are key to Formula 1 cars. There are cutouts in the body to rework the airflow for the car’s acceleration.

Solterra STI Concept

Subaru Solterra STI Concept
Image credit: 株式会社SUBARU/@SUBARU_CORP/Twitter

The second car unveiled was the Solterra STI Concept. Not much was disclosed by Subaru, but the car has skirt spoilers, roof spoiler and improved performance-related mechanisms.

It looks like an SUV, which is apparent because it is based on the Solterra all-electric SUV, but is more like a sportier and performance-oriented cousin.

(Main and Featured images: 株式会社SUBARU/@SUBARU_CORP/Twitter)

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Subaru Showcases Concept Electric Race Car At Tokyo Auto Salon
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