The Alpine brand is normally associated with two things – it’s Formula 1 team and the A110 sports car. But perhaps in the near future, the brand will be renowned for creating one of the most exciting electric cars available in the market. Alpine is calling it the A290 and it’s an electric-powered vehicle modelled as a stunning hot hatch.

As of right now, the Alpine A290 is in its beta phase. The brand has already revealed the ultra-sporty A290_β (A290 beta) show car. Its represents the first of three models in the brand’s future Dream Garage, which will be entirely new-generation and fully-electric. This will consist of a compact sports car, a GT crossover and the A110’s replacement. Above all else, these sports cars are designed to trigger every driver’s competitive spirit and recast the notion of what sports cars could be.

Alpine A290

The A290_β, in other words, is opening a new chapter in Alpine’s enthralling history. The brand is tapping into its motorsport heritage and essence and venturing into new segments starting with an urban sports car. The show car’s design, materials and technology encapsulate a new angle on electric cars that are just as suited for motor sport circuits as they are for everyday drives – and as exciting for the driver as they are for passengers.

Forward Vision

On paper, the Alpine A290 is slated to a cut above what other electric cars are promising to deliver. The show car itself proves that it’s going to be quite far removed from anything most brands have produced thus far.

For starters, Alpine’s new electric motor is designed with a three-seat configuration, which is an entirely new concept. Its three-seat architecture is designed to offer a central driving position for the driver to be one with the car and the passengers to enjoy an unparalleled experience.

In terms of design, the A290 features a dynamic and categorically modern body, combining muscular shapes and razor-sharp technical details, radiates its uncompromising attitude to performance. The show car is 4.05 metres long, 1.85 metres wide and 1.48 metres high, and is a taster for a sparkling, agile production car with a short wheelbase and wider track for sporty driving and greater stability at high speeds.

Inside, the cockpit is inspired by racing cars – minimalist in nature with a focus on performance and efficiency. The steering wheel is packed with an assortment of motorsport-inspired features. It also boasts carbon bucket seats with Sabelt safety harnesses made for racers.  The Alpine A290_β’s dashboard is deliberately shaped like an arrow, to highlight the centreline driving position and convey a sense of speed, performance and complete control.

Another standout feature is its console, built into the roof. This unique control centre provides instant access to several features (kill switch, indicators, light settings, etc.). It also doesn’t have any screens to distract the driver with the minor exception of a slender head-up display and a headset receiving race-related information live.

Motorsport Inspired

Alpine clearly has leveraged immensely from its expertise in motorsport in creating the concept of the A290. It will reportedly have a pair of electric motors at the front and striking features including archetypal Alpine wheels.

Designed for speed and agility, the A290 is kitted with optimised shock absorbers, suspension springs and front and rear anti-roll bars. The braking and cooling systems were also tuned time and again for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The little Alpine electric sports car will come with a high-performance Brembo braking system, 4-piston calipers, identical to that of the A110.

Drivers will get to choose from three driving modes – Wet, Dry and Full. These three strategies are fine-tuned and the underlying settings adjust according to the road’s condition. On a wet track, the car responds much more gently, has more traction and is stabler. In Dry mode, its behaviour is completely different: it glides more, and the wheels respond more aggressively.

The steering itself also takes inspiration from Alpine’s vast experience in motorsport. Its geometric gamepad-like design has a series of specific functions, including a red OV (Overtake) button to deliver a 10-second power boost. Several settings area also available directly via the buttons on the steering wheel, to optimise the show car’s behaviour in real time. The ABS itself has 11 positions and responds according to road holding.

Alpine A290 Design

From what its slated to deliver, the A290 is assuredly one of the more exciting electric vehicles that will hit the market in the near future. Although the show car provides a good platform for what Alpine is due to deliver, drivers across the globe will have to wait until the vehicle’s 2024 to see if the brand’s vision is well and truly realised.

(Images: Alpine Cars)

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The Alpine A290 Is The Brand’s Vision Of An Electric Hot Hatch Meant For Everyday Driving
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