Nope, you can’t shake this for a free one. But you can make your car purchase a lot more pleasant without pressure from pushy salespeople. 

It all began when Carvana, an online used auto dealership (based in Phoenix, Arizona) felt the need to push buyers to make the effort to pick their cars up instead of having them delivered. The system lets customers shop for the car they want via an online rotating tour, where interior and exterior blemishes are pointed out. On selection, they make the purchase by electronically signing the contracts. After that, they can pick up the vehicle via a Carvana Vending Machine in either Atlanta or Nashville.

Buyers who have to fly to either city to pick up their car get a $200 airfare subsidy. As soon as they enter their name and confirmation code on a keypad, they are handed a special large coin as a testament of their purchase. This is then popped into the slot, activating robot arms that will send the car to the buyer. On top of a 100-day/6,741km guarantee, the vehicle can be returned within seven days, no questions asked.

It’s a neat and novel idea that’s saving Carvana a lot of money from not having to make deliveries. Furthermore, its online model had already helped the company cut down on stuff and overheads, savings that are passed on to buyers in the form of lower prices. It’s a win-win situation. The world could definitely use more of these.

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The Carvana Vending Machine
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