Not that much different, apparently.

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Recently, the famed motorcycle brand jumped on the electric bandwagon, revealing its top-of-the-line electric bike in New York, letting fans and members of the press take it out on a spin. Dubbed Project Livewire, the motorcycle comes as quite the step away from Harley-Davidson’s normal bikes, known for their crazy-loud engines and equally crazy stereotyped biker dude on them.

It’s not to say that Project Livewire is going to let down the power fanatics though. The bike boasts a 0-100 in about four seconds, thanks to the lack of gears and has a top speed of 150km/h, modest still by Harley’s usual standards. Long distance Harley fans may have to think twice about getting one of these bad boys once they’ve been proper released though. The batteries need to be recharged after travelling 210 kilometres, taking anywhere from half an hour to an hour for a full recharge.

We’re sure the Hell’s Angels aren’t going to be purchasing the bikes once they’re on the market so there’s a hopeful chance there’ll be more for us here in Singapore. After all, there’s only so much engine roaring our neighbours can take before the police come a’knocking.

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What’s A Harley Without The Sound?
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