Setting out to break any speed record requires bravado and ingenuity. Fortunately, these are two elements that White Motorcycle Concepts are in no short supply off. The company has revealed a new prototype electric motorcycle that has been built to take on the British and world electric land speed records.

Riding this crotch rocket is founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rob White. The WMC250EV high-speed demonstrator, White’s brainchild, marks a new chapter in the evolution of motorcycle technical development. Two years in the making, the prototype electric bike is capable of speeds exceeding 400kmh.

White Motorcycle Concepts Chief Executive Officer, Rob White

To get it up that speed, the design features market-disruptive technologies including WMC’s ultra-low drag system called V-Air, which reduces aerodynamic resistance by as much as 70% compared to that of the market-leading high performance road bike.

The WMC250EV also utilises a D-Drive motor unit that powers the front wheel, which helps harness regenerative braking energy – something unachievable with a conventional motorcycle.  Finally, the bike carries a unique F-Drive final drive system fitted to boost power and enhance efficiency; a technology that could be retrofitted to improve existing roadgoing bikes.

Development Beyond Speed

WMC250EV electric motorcycle
White Motorcycle Concepts WMC250EV electric motorcycle

WMC’s concept has already been granted a UK patent and expects Europe, the USA and Japan to follow suit by the end of August. If adopted by major manufacturers, these devised technologies have the potential to vastly reduce CO2 emissions across the industry. It will also help rapidly accelerate the mass-market de-carbonisation of motorcycles globally.

Following the development of the WMC250EV electric motorcycle, WMC is already working on a real-world application for the innovation. It is also producing a 300cc three-wheel hybrid scooter – the WMC300FR – that includes V-Air technology and reduces drag by 25%.

electric motorcycle speed record
The prototype electric bike is capable of 400kmh

But for the immediate future, White and his team is set on beating that land speed record. Planning for the programme is fully underway with shakedowns continuing throughout the next few months. White and the WMC250EV will first attempt the Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner British Record later on this year.

Then the focus for WMC switches to the world’s largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. It is here where White will attempt to set a new mark for the Electric Semi Streamliner World Record in July 2022.

(Images: White Motorcycle Concepts)

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