Four months ago, when Blackberry began attempting to regain ground since iOS and the Nexus series of phones have been gaining market share on both enterprise and consumer levels, it announced a surprising move – the launch of BBM, its most precious messaging function that well predates Whatsapp and other apps, on other platforms. It makes sense: rather than trying to spend all of its efforts convincing consumers that BB10 OS is more advanced and better than its competitors, why not give them a sliver of a taste to see what BBM can accomplish, and hope that will convince them to make the jump?

The only problem is, there are plenty of other messaging platforms on both iOS and Android, that make one question the necessity of BBM at all. We’re going to grab it, that’s for sure, but in the meantime, here’s a look at how it fares compared with its competitors.

BBM arrives on Android and iOS (on Sep 21 and 22, that is)-am_il_v1001_i_f14522d7fdacfccfec50b5d76dde723c59_ee49aa04597eafe1b20a15200a8aaf5c95

1. BBM (for Android and iOS as well as BBOS)
Functions: group chats, individual chats, voice messaging, media exchanges, screen sharing and hashtags (near fture)
Benefits: uses RIM servers for interaction, hence more secure
Disadvantages: remains to be seen
Usage: high among BBM users

BBM arrives on Android and iOS (on Sep 21 and 22, that is)-am_il_v1001_i_6a07118c89c9d1f164d988fa9b404fbc97_1d5c97251eea304995e3227ca42f987b43

2. iOS
Functions: individual chats, voice and media exchanges, multiple user messaging
Benefits: rapid, with delivery indications, linked to Facetime
Disadvantages: only limited to iOS users
Usage: likely to be low compared with other messaging platforms

BBM arrives on Android and iOS (on Sep 21 and 22, that is)-am_il_v1001_i_d7595a8f353c65d44d00171d710bd6e477_644cb7741a3a614d6e39078989b7658211

3. Whatsapp
Functions: individual chats, group chats, voice messaging, media exchanges
Benefits: delivery indications, privacy settings, popular usage
Disadvantges: it’s a paid app, and it’s also relatively slow
Usage: high

BBM arrives on Android and iOS (on Sep 21 and 22, that is)-am_il_v1001_i_a7fd7fee9fd7db1568d0db98443e179030_d7807559aa9d02dfd8993985dd418ca762

4. WeChat
Functions: individual chats, group chats, voice messaging, media exchanges, social sharing
Benefits: open communication platform that is a cross between social network and messaging app
Disadvantages: More commonly used in Asia
Usage: highest number of users in the world among messaging apps

BBM arrives on Android and iOS (on Sep 21 and 22, that is)-am_il_v1001_i_0716610d858bf362aa994b0a829c325c42_bfb02974ee246f8ed9eaee6d9a2c6f9029

5. Facebook Messenger
Functions: multi-person chat, individual chats, voice messaging, media exchange
Benefits: accessible on all platforms including website.
Disadvantages: only applicable to Facebook users, but then, who doesn’t have Facebook?
Usage: high

So that’s our verdict. Certainly with its promised innovations – hashtags and channels that will allow you to join more conversations that aren’t closed, that should prove to be interesting for users.

BBM for Android will be released on September 21, and on iOS on September 22. New users will be given a PIN for their access.

BBM arrives on Android and iOS (on Sep 21 and 22, that is)-am_il_v1001_i_f70c84300e04f180bb995bf34eda20b599_29d9bb6400ca7d8a52428fd90b4b921138
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