If you’re too busy to read the whole of this review, then just know this: The new Braun Series 3 is Effective, Efficient and Affordable. If you have a few more minutes, then welcome to the review of the foil shaver that has impressed me over the course of one week.

The current Series 3 family consists of about ten products, but this review will only focus on the 3040s. To compare the rest of the series, please visit the Braun website.


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So let’s begin with the basics. The 3040s Wet & Dry is essentially a rechargeable foil shaver that can be used with gels and foams, or on its own (To avoid razor burn, I highly recommend some form of lubrication to my fuzzier brethren). 

So why is this entry-level foil shaver so impressive? Here are 3 reasons:

1) Short shaving time

All new Series 3 shavers boast an innovative design called MicroComb Technology. This comb-like structure guides the beard hairs into the cutting element of the shaver. It is also able to cut hairs of different lengths (like those on a three-day beard) simultaneously. This unassuming design allows me to be done with shaving in under ten minutes every day (as compared to the fifteen I usually take with cartridge shavers). 

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2) Close Shaves

Foil shavers have been known to be less effective than their manual cousins-especially for those whose facial hair grows in quick and thick (I had to shave twice a day in the army to avoid extra duty). So you can understand my surprise when I managed a decently close shave with the 3040s. Even more surprising was the lack of razor burn I experienced even though I moved the shaver around my face rather haphazardly. Braun attributes this to the MicroAdaptation technology that allows the shaver to adapt to different facial contours. 

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3) Easy Cleaning

With the various moving parts, cleaning a foil shaver can seem to be a daunting task. With the 3040s however, cleaning couldn’t be simpler. The shaver has a completely sealed body, so if you are rushing in the morning (as the best of us tend to be), just rinse it under running water and you’re good to go. Braun does recommend that you put a drop of oil on the cutter block once in a while.

Like all products, the 3040s has some areas that require improvement. Firstly, the shaver lacks a precision mode that is vital for shaving tricky areas like the jawline. Secondly, the 3040s does not come with Braun’s famed Clean&Charge station that provides automated cleaning at the touch of a button.

Overall, for its price, I would say the 3040s is a good investment if you’re in the market for an electric shaver that is quick and effective. Whether it is necessary, or better than a regular shaver, is a discussion for another time.

The recommended retail prices of Series 3 begins at SGD$145 and is available now at major electrical and department stores in Singapore. For more information visit: https://www.braun.com/global/male-grooming.html

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