With many of us being stuck at home for over the past two years, entertainment has proven to be a much-welcomed distraction. And it goes without saying that for most of us, the joy of going to the cinema is something we sorely miss.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of movies, TV series and shows available at with just a tap on our smart devices. Now, thanks to BenQ, consumers will get the opportunity to replicate that cinematic experience at home with the new BenQ GV30 Smart LED Mini Projector.

A Cinema At Home

An all-in-one home entertainment hub, the BenQ GV30 boasts a 135-degree projection angle with in-built Android TV, providing cinematic experience anywhere and anytime. Small, portable, and packing a hefty technological punch, the BenQ GV30 is just perfect for cinephiles to create their very own state-of-the-art cinema experience in the comfort of their homes, no matter the size.

Meeting the lifestyle needs of today’s modern consumers, BenQ’s new LED Mini Projector delivers quality cinematic experiences with a 135-degree projection angle for a 100” big screen along with 2.1-channel Bluetooth audio speakers for immersive sound. Adding to that, the BenQ GV30 LED utilises Android TV streaming offering higher flexibility and versatile connectivity for a wide range of streaming options.

The BenQ GV30 is set to complement Singaporean lifestyle choices, providing a theatrical experience in the comfort of their own homes at the fraction of the price, and size, of a full-blown home entertainment hub.

Brilliant Picture

Designed with space efficiency in mine, the GV30 delivers quality imaging with 135-degree projection at any angle, from any corner of the household. It can even automatically correct image focus even when projecting from oblique angles.

Equipped with a rotating magnetic base, users can tweak projection angles up to 135 degrees, and utilise the auto focus and auto vertical keystone functions to sharpen image quality. With this unique feature, users can set up the GV30 easily anywhere around the home, in any room.

Powered by LED technology, BenQ’s CinematicColor™ offers optimal colour performance with 720p native resolution and 300 ANSI lumens brightness delivering clear images and contrast. To further optimise the viewing experience, the GV30 is also equipped with six professionally-tuned picture modes.

Immersive Sound

What’s a cinema without sound? Well BenQ understands the needs and wants of consumers who want quality sound to complete their viewing experience. With that in mind, the GV30 comes equipped with class-leading 2.1-channel audio system. Designed with separate high and mid-range drivers, and a dedicated woofer for resonant bass, the GV30 brings true cinematic texture to film and video viewing.

Tuned by BenQ’s treVolo audio team, the audio system employs acoustic and psychoacoustic sciences to balance cinematic sound properties to enhance depth, clarity, definition, presence, and stereo field imaging. To ensure it delivers optimal sound across a wide variety of genres, the GV30 comes with versatile Cinema, Game, Sports and Music Modes. It also works seamlessly as a battery-powered, portable, Bluetooth speaker, which is optimised for your favourite tunes.

Seamless Connectivity

With content today available across a wide variety of platforms, BenQ has designed the GV30 with inbuilt Android TV. Users not only gain instant access to Google Play but also live streaming apps for movies, shows, sports and games, as well as social media platforms. The projector also supports Chromecast and Apple Airplay, allowing for wireless casting from iOS and Android devices as well as laptops.

The BenQ GV30 also features a DisplayPort for plug and play and is paired with a BenQ smart control app for mobile devices. The LED Mini Projector supports USB-C charging and comes with a maximum 2.5-hour battery life, which is perfect for enjoying your favourite movie.  It’s also drop proof from a height of 2.3ft, eliminating any worries when you’re moving the GV30 in between rooms or to different venues.

Find out more about the BenQ GV30 projector here.

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Create The Cinematic Experience At Home With The BenQ GV30 LED Mini Projector

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