Dyson is always finding new ways to inject convenience into our daily lives. The newly released flyaway attachment is no different. Aimed at achieving a salon blow dry finish from the comfort of our own homes, this new hair tool completes the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

Flyaway hairs are frustrating. We look forward to salon visits so that hairstylists can perform their magic on our hairs. However, with the pandemic and busy schedules, not everyone has the time to squeeze in a salon appointment or practice the trick to taming annoying flyaways.

Hence, the Dyson flyaway attachment allows smooth seekers to attain a super sleek finish on their own. Observing the ‘brush and blow’ technique commonly used by stylists, the attachment mechanises said technique by harnessing the Coanda effect: a phenomenon first engineered for styling with the Dyson Airwrap styler.

It attracts and lifts longer hairs to the front whilst pushing flyaways through the tress and out of sight. By hiding flyaway hairs, it increases strand alignment and enhances natural shine. Simply position the hairdryer and attachment at a 90-degree angle towards your hair.

By adding the flyaway attachment, it makes the Dyson Supersonic a complete set with tools for drying, styling, and finishing.

The attachment is also fully compatible with existing models of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. It is available individually at S$49 or as a set for S$599.

(Images: Dyson)

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Alfieyah Abdullah

Alfieyah Abdullah has two vices. Her 30 bottle (and counting) collection of fragrances and an intense view on desserts.
Dyson Reveals A Way To Tame Flyaway Hairs For A Salon-Smooth Finish
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